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Lucky Star Roulette

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Lucky Star Roulette Game

If you’re a roulette lover who wants to spice up your online gaming you could sneak a peek at Lucky Star Roulette. This game is traditional roulette at its core but with a refreshingly different look and feel- the design quality is up there with the likes of Playtech’s Spreadbet roulette, but that’s about it in terms of similarities.

This game is presented like a traditional Chinese game on a pentagram that will transport its player into the Far East while giving you a game that’s easy to play and just different enough. Think of it as a mash-up between roulette and Go.

Look and Feel

As you will have guessed from the title, Lucky Star Roulette’s play wheel is a world away from the round wheel we all expect from this popular table game. Here the wheel is a wooden-looking star against the green baize. On the outside of the spokes of the star board are the different bets you can place with red, black, odd and even, and green, of course.

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The game’s theming is distinctly Oriental with a scattering of Chinese characters and a traditional looking wooden background to the play wheel. The vibe is rather old school without the hectic feel of a roulette ball whistling around the wheel although the tempo of play is still interesting enough without being frenetic. The overall design of the betting area even gives this Chinese Roulette game from Win Systems a run for its money- no easy task!

Prepare yourself for the slightly jangly electronic sound effects which I had to turn off after a while

Lucky Star Roulette Game Play

The star board has the numbers one to eight repeated several times around the lines of the star shape. Here to make game play simple you just put your chips down where on the shape you think that the ball will land. Your odds are handily displayed in the green section in the middle of the star. Just like on a normal wheel, make sure you keep the roulette fun!

Lucky Star Roulette

Despite the play wheel’s unusual appearance it is easy to navigate with a simple repeat button to play your favourite numbers again and the usual clear and undo. All your vital stats, how much you’ve bet and won is displayed at the top of the screen.

Pros and Cons, Lucy Star Roulette

  • An interesting game with a roulette theme, but not as you know it!
  • Play the additional Character bets
  • Avoid the “Hi” bet- the odds aren’t favourable

Lucky Star Pay Table

Green: 8.7
Black: 2 .2
Red: 2.2
Odd: 1.75
Even: 2.4

0: 22
1: 4.35
Numbers 2 through 7: 8.7
8: 14.5

In: 2.9
Out: 1.45

Gold () 3.95
Wood () 3.95
Water () 3.95
Fire () 3.95
Earth () 3.95

Lo: 1.75
Hi: 2.4

What’s more interesting on the left of the star is another way to place bets and that’s using a series of Chinese characters (gold, wood, water, fire, earth…see baove) which you click and these highlight a whole group of numbers. Or with the click of a button choose to bet on low or high numbers or inside or outside numbers. You’ll get some pretty interesting payouts with these options (see above).

On the right hand side of the star is a special window where you can scroll through to select the chip of the right value to pop onto the board, it’s easy.

This game is a crowd pleaser with the minimum bet set at an affordable 0.50 and the upper limit being 500, there’s something for any player including the cautious novice or someone who likes to make the game a little more volatile. There’s a turbo option if you want to move the energy levels up a bit too.

Pay Outs

Lucky Star offers a range of payouts on the different bets, the best being approximately 98% on black, red, and zero. The Odd numbers bet pays out at 97%- versus Even numbers at 96% due to the structure of the game. Avoid the Even number bet and the Hi number bet if you can- both of these have the lowest pay-outs.


Lucky Star Roulette is a great little alternative if you fancy something a bit different- a good game of roulette with a bit of extra oomph in the style department. This game is a hybrid, a taste of oriental gaming with a solid heart of roulette at its centre- a fun way to try and pocket some dosh with a twist.