Double Action Roulette.

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Double Action Roulette is 2 roulette wheels in one. There are 2 concentric wheels- each spin delivers 2 results and the top payout is 1200:1

Double Action Roulette. Free Play (No Sign Up Required)

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Every spin results in 2 numbers from the inner and outer rings which are laid out opposite order on a single wheel. The Double Action roulette table layout may look a a little confusing at first, until you realise that it is just 2 standard betting areas, one for each ring. There are also bets that are exclusive to this roulette variant on the Double Action track- you can bet on combinations of double numbers coming up (a bit like craps). The top payout on this betting track is a hefty 1,200:1. Any 2 identical numbers will net you a 1200x payout. Make your bet on the top racetrack.

So you are effectively playing 2 wheels simultaneously (there are other variants that offer this such as Multi-Wheel Roulette). 

Both wheels (or rather rings) are European Roulette wheels with one zero pocket. Just be aware that if you bet on the red, in Double Action Roulette, you are betting that the ball will land in the red in both wheels. Obviously the probability of that happening is lower than standard European Single Zero Roulette. BUT, if you win, the house pays out at 3:1 on this bet. Columns and Dozens pay out at 8:1.

Martingale Powered
rebet xwMartingale roulette players will appreciate the Rebet x2 button, which makes it easy to play this system. Just hit this button to double your bet on the same numbers and respin both wheels.

The RTP for the main betting table is 97.3% (same as European Roulette) and the RTP of the Double Action track is 94.13% (similar to an American Roulette game with 2 zero pockets). So you should only go fir the Double Action Bets as a kind of flutter (like a lottery bet) if you fancy fishing for the big 1200x payout. Don't build your entire strategy around it.