Penny Roulette (Playtech)

Penny Roulette

penny roulette playtechPlaytech’s Penny Roulette is that rare thing: a game of pure luxury that comes with a very affordable price tag. And, what’s more, this game comes with a gamut of special settings, bets and personalisation to make it roulette gold dust. The visuals are up there with Switch Studios roulette, and then there's the penny bet angle!

Penny Roulette is a game that makes the prefect nursery slopes of roulette play for those fans who want to build their confidence without breaking the bank. As the name suggests, this is a game where modest bet denominations are de rigueur.

Look and feel

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Don’t be distracted by the name, Playtech have thrown some money at making an online roulette that looks top of the class. 

The game’s default setting is that you are placed looking diagonally across a glossy wooden roulette wheel and the traditional green baize bet table which is simple to navigate and a treat on the eye.

Playtech- those people behind game like Superman Roulette- have gone the whole hog in terms of making a game with enough personalisation to make you feel like a VIP. If you don’t like to play with the standard diagonal view you can switch up the settings and have a split screen view instead with the bet table at the lower portion of the screen and the roulette wheel at the top.

Such is the level of attention to detail in Penny Roulette that you can even choose whether you’d prefer to play on blue or red baize, if green isn’t your bag! And, did I mention you can even go as far as to choose the direction the wheel is spun in-attention to detail is Playtech’s special skill.

The design is clever making for a wholly realistic and immersive feel to the game. While you play there are also realistic sounds of the pill spinning around the wheel and falling into a pocket- hopefully yours! There are also announcements spoken in a cut-glass English accent that are a good prompt for the newer roulette player, or simply to add a little of that land based casino feel to the game.

Game Play

Penny Roulette is no exception when it comes to looking tip top, whether it’s played on your pc or your mobile device. The mobile version of the game comes with some exclusive features such as a Turbo Mode to up the ante of your roulette play on the move.

Penny Roulette is set on a single zero European roulette wheel-that is- one with pockets numbered 1-36, plus the single zero and which comes with an enticingly lower house edge of 2.7%.

The bet table is laid out for you to place your bets with ease. Here you can place odds and even and single number bets, and you can place split and  street bets too.

 There is also a racetrack for those roulette fans who can’t resist a bet on larger sections of the roulette wheel, using those smart sounding Orphelins and Voisins du Zero.

Simply select your chip denominations, remembering that in this game you don’t have to make a big commitment to make some hard cash. You can place a penny wager if you’re starting small but you can also get right up to a £20 stake too.

Now the wheel will spin and a close up of the winning number is shown and in one click you can double your bet, rebet or spin again. There are three handy buttons on the lower right of your screen where you can create favourite bets. You can also gain some good statistics through activating the stats wheel or place further kinds of bets.


Penny Roulette is a treat of an online roulette game which comes with a very attractive RTP 97.3% which means that for small bets there is some big win potential in this online game with superior styling and settings.