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Pinball Roulette

Online Roulette Guide

Pinball roulette is one of those out and out novelty roulette games, and we include it here for interest only. The betting layout is exactly the same as standard European Roulette, it’s just that the ball travels through a pinball table instead of a roulette wheel before it lands in a numbered pocket. This game was developed by Ash Gaming.

No we have nothing against these kinds of novelty games- they are just something a bit different- it’s just that the graphics and sounds on this particular game are a bit disappointing. We can’t really understand why you would play this instead of normal roulette. But maybe that’s just us?

In any case, that’s the whole point of our roulette free demo section- you try the games out for yourself and see what you think. Who are we to tell you what to play? If you want to play Pinball Roulette for real, then head to BetVictor Casino.

Best Casino For Pinball Roulette

We have only really seen this on Bet Victor and the Grosvenor roulette section. Bet Victor has all sorts of games- that’s their plan, I think, to be the online supermarket for casio games. If we find another casino that offers the game, we’ll feature them here. If you want a more standard game, we´d recommend their Amaya European Roulette. It plays La Partage where you get half your money back on even money bets if the ball drops in the zero pocket. That´s why it gets our vote!

You bet on Pinball Roulette, much as you would on standard European Roulette. The table layout is the same- the only difference being is that they have a pretty neat mechanic for laying Neighbours bets at the bottom of the table. Hover over a number and it will also select 2 numbers either side. Click to bet. This would make a nice addition to a standard roulette betting layout.

The other thing that you might like about this game is the betting limits, if you like to bet big on roulette. The minimum bet is 10p, but you can bet up to £1000 on the even money bets, so Martingale players will like it.

Once you have place your bet you just need to click “BET” and then either wait for the slider to shoot the ball up the pinball table, or click on it yourself.

If you win, there is also a bonus round, You can either collect your winnings, or you can gamble and try and hit a multiplier to win up to 10x your stake. if you hit nothing, you lose the lot of course.


Pinball roulette is a novelty roulette game, and a pretty low quality one at that in our opinion. It would have been much better if they had allowed you to at least move the paddles on the side of the machine to try and bring some skill in to it. Now that would have been interesting!

If you want to play novelty roulette, there are better variants like Deal or No Deal Roulette and even Mini Roulette, in our view. But have a test and see what you think.

Play Pinball Roulette at BetVictor Casino.