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Mike Tyson Roulette

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Mike Tyson Roulette

I like playing roulette with some serious competition and I play to win. So, when I heard that Inspired had developed a game where I could take on a serious contender in the shape of global mega competitor Mike Tyson, I couldn’t wait to get my gloves off and make a play for the big money.

Play Mike Tyson Roulette at Wombat Casino

This is a game in a series inspired by the former world heavyweight boxer who is as notorious as he is a winner. With this pugilistic themed game you should expect some exciting cut and thrust and you get it here with a knock out bonus to keep that big win potential front and centre during play.

The key attractions of this game are the knock out bonus and there’s more in an innovative series of special bets to spice up the game play and keep you ducking and diving the big punches to come out on top.

Look and feel

This is a game which has definitely had some money spent on it. The graphical quality is very high and the user interface is easy to use and makes for enjoyable gaming.
The set-up is easy enough to allow a novice or a more experienced player to place bets without any hassle and the intuitive design means that there are no distractions from getting you sparring in the ring to win big prizes.

You place your bets on the bet table and hit the bet button to get to the roulette wheel screen, here you can watch the action unfold along with the sound effects of real roulette play to add to the authentic experience. When the ball lands the winning slot turns into Mike’s smiling face to let you know the winning number.

There’s also the bonus of having Mike Tyson deliver the instructions to you so you know you’re gonna obey- right? For those of you who like to take your play up tempo- just hit the Turbo Spin button and add to the adrenalin!

Knock about fun!

Tyson Roulette

The knockout bonus feature presents you with gym punch bags which if you play right give you a whopping £500 prize- that’s the kind of cash that gets you in the ring to win!
To unlock that big beast bonus potential you simply place a minimum £1 bet on the bonus part of the bet table, if after the ball lands here then you’re in the running for the bonus prize.

So what does this bonus game look like? There are four punch bags with different prize amounts on them, if you hit the Knock Out button these collide, just like a gym workout session, you can knock off the lowest cash prizes leaving two mega power prizes in your grasp- just knock out one of these and the remaining prize is yours!

After each knock out attempt, the game will offer you a cash prize, this is the total value of the prizes that you have knocked off the bags, and you can accept these or you can take the stakes even higher and gamble on taking another try to up your winnings.

Betting bonanza

The special bets are an exciting extra element to this roulette game. There are a host of specially created bets which include Neighbours bets, Lucky dips, All-in, Scatter Bet and Double ups to name but a few. The game design keeps things simple so that you can select the type of special bet you want and the game will place for you so that you can just enjoy watching your wonga roll in.


This was the first time that I’d played a game from the Mike Tyson suite of games and I admit I had a great time. Mike Tyson Roulette is easy to play, with some big money potential up for grabs if you are prepared to take on that glittering bonus and win the heavyweight belt when it comes to dosh. I also enjoyed the novelty bets for innovative play. I’ll be back in the ring again soon, to make sure that I can keep punching out the wins.