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premier roulette diamond mobilePremier Roulette Diamond

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

Premier Roulette Diamond is a feature rich game from Microgaming with Advanced betting options
and a powerful statistics suite.

The Best Casinos for Premier Roulette (Diamond)

premier roulette diamond

Play Premier Roulette Diamond edition at our recommended casinos or direct at Wombat Casino.

You can also play the original Premier Roulette game on our recommended casinos. The “Diamond Edition” is the sequel and has an even more luxurious feel to it. It’s particularly good for Martingale players, as it has a x2 Double your Bet Option. Good for High Rollers: (max bet on outside bets is £/$/€ 1000, 125 on inside bets depending on the casino). Only IGT’s Player’s Suite Roulette has a bigger limit (3000.00). Or try the Roulette High Roller game at Mr Green which is from Net Entertainment.

Both this variant and the older Premier Roulette are well suited to advanced players- they include many more bets in their Advanced Modes, such as the Call Bets, Red Splits and so on. You can also Auto Play up to 500 spins. We wouldn’t recommend doing that on a roulette table though.

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Demo Clip

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Pros and Cons

  • The Statistics Suite
  • Ability to change the table colour (why not?!)
  • Option to turn off music and ambient sounds, dealer voice etc in “Options”
  • Turbo mode- it´s faster, but not instantaneous, so you still get that feeling you are playing through the spins.
  • Good for Martingale players as it has a double up x2 rebet.
  • The Advanced Mode (click the text link at the bottom. This brings up a race track betting area and all the call bets you can think of (well not all, but most of them).
  • The piano player is a bit two dimensional on his or her playing! You can switch the background music off if you like- just click on Options at the bottom of the game.
  • The navigation can be tricky, especially getting into the Advanced Mode which is via a small link at the bottom of the game. It’s not that easy to spot!


premier roulette stats

Hit the View Statistics button to get an overview of the historical results. The roulette chart shows hot numbers and it also displays the distribution of red/black, odd even and hi/lo numbers on the even money bets plus the distribution of the dozens and the columns.


roulette options

If you hit the Options link at the bottom of the game, a mini window pops up that allows you to customise the game- this is where you switch on Turbo Mode and switch the sounds on and off, and so on (just in case that piano tinkling away in the background starts to get on your nerves. The player doesn’t seem to know many songs!)

You can also choose to show your win summary after each spin (we use this) and clear the table before placing saved layouts (again, pretty useful so that you don´t make any mistakes betting).

On the sound control, you can either switch on the dealer voice, the background sounds (that piano!) and the game sounds individually, or you can just switch them all off.

Play Premier (Diamond) at any of our recommended Microgaming roulette casinos, such as Spin Palace, UK Casino Club or Betway.

Change Table Layout

premier roulette change table

Another feature is the Change Table button which allows you to choose a different colour for the roulette table. Maybe your lucky colour is red? Choose from a selection of greens, reds and blues.

OK- so this is not exactly a game changer for most people, but it’s a nice touch.

Overall- a well designed game. Premier Roulette Diamond is not stuffed with too many features making it very clear and satisfying to play in regular mode. If you are playing Call bets change to Advanced Mode through the text link at the bottom of the game- it can be easy to miss!

Overall, this is one of be our “Go To” games if we are playing on a desktop or a laptop. It’s a shame there’s no mobile version.

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