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Card Roulette

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Test out Card Roulette below (free game – no sign up needed).
This Paddy Power Roulette variant is what we´d call a novelty roulette game like Monopoly Roulette Tycoon– but it´s one of the better ones, especially if you like card games and roulette. You can combine the two with this game!

Best Casino For Card Roulette.

You don´t seem many online casinos with this game- luckily, Paddy Power have it in their games section which is where they keep all of their IGT roulette variants.


Instead of the usual 36 numbers you see on a European Wheel (which has one zero), or on an American Wheel (which has 2 zeros), card roulette has a whole pack of cards dealt around a wheel- so 52 (13 in each suit) plus 2 jokers which are equivalent to the 0 pocket in standard roulette. So I guess you could say that this game was more similar to American Roulette, given that that variant has 2 zeros.

You can bet on individual cards, colours, suits, even and odd numbers and sections of the wheel (a-5, 6-10, Picture cards). The bets will be familiar if you are used to playing roulette, but it makes for an interesting change as they are not quite the same.

So, for example, if you bet on suits you are covering just under a quarter of the wheel (remember the jokers) instead of the columns on a standard roulette wheel which splits the wheel into thirds (almost, remember the zero pocket).

The A-5, 6-10, Pictures bet is closest to the dozens bet, but even here there is a subtle difference in that the first 2 “dozens” on card roulette cover 20 numbers and the Pictures bet only covers 12. This makes for some interesting options if you are playing high table coverage systems (like the 2 Columns System), as you can cover 40/54 numbers, or 74% of the table- almost 3/4.

Standard bets include single cards (including the 2 Jokers) plus split bets of 2 and 8 cards as well as 3 and 4 way corners.

Palais Bets

You can also make a series of Palais Bets, which are similar to the racetrack bets like Voisins du Zero and so on in standard roulette. To make these bets, you need to hit the green “More Bets” button. You can also make Neighbour´s bets (pick from 1-5 neighbours). Le Joker Vert and the Joker d´Orange is like Voisins du Zero.

-King’s Court (Cour du Roi): is an 8 chip bet.
-Queen’s Court (Cour de la Reine): : is a 14 card, 8 chip bet.
-The Castle (Le Chateau): is a 12 card, 7 chip bet.
-King’s Son (Le Fils du Roi):: is a 6 card, 3 chip bet.
-Queen’s Son (Le Fils de la Reine): : is a 6 card, 3 chip bet.
-Le Joker Vert:: is a 9 card, 5 chip bet:./K .
-Le Joker d’orange:: is a 9 card, 6 chip bet.


Our one gripe with Card Roulette, is it is not that easy to see the payouts. You can havoer over the bets and you´can get the information, but it would have been nice for them to do a pay table. Anyway, here are the payouts to help you out. They are stated as a multiple of your bet- this is the amount you get back, and will include your bet
Single number: x52
Split: x26
Corner: x13
Street (4 numbers): x13
Any suit: x4
Even, Odd x2.5
Red/Black x2
A-5, 6-10: x2.5
Pictures: x4

Overall payout is 96.3%

Our Verdict

When we first started playing Card Roulette, we were pretty sceptical to be honest- we thought it was just another novelty game, and it won´t appeal to some. But the more we played it, the more we enjoyed it. It´s a very comprehensive roulette variant with lots of bets and some good features like the double up betting option (good for Martingale players).

The RTP on this game is 96.3% which is in between American Roulette at 94.8% and European Roulette at 97.4%. And that´s because there are more cards than numbers on a standard roulette wheel, but there are two jokers which are equivalent to the zero pockets. The game doesn´t pay out on the outside bets if the wheel stops on a joker.

This game would have been really interesting if there had been a one joker variant, a European Card Roulette game, if you like- as that would have reduced the house edge below that of European Roulette.

It makes an interesting change from standard roulette, and if you are playing some of our hedging roulette systems, you might want to try variations of them on this.

I think we push comes to shove, however, we tend to revert back to standard roulette. If you are looking for a change- we´d recommend this over other speciality games like Double Bonus Spin roulette and mini roulette as the odds are better, but as always, for the best odds, play French Roulette with La Partage rule.