3 Wheel Roulette

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This IGT roulette variant has 3 sets of pockets all spinning around the same axis- it's 3 wheels in one, and quite fun to play. It's a way of hedging your bets across 3 different tables with the same bet. Unlike the Microgaming variant: Multi-Wheel roulette, this variant is quite an innovative design with its concentric wheels. You only get 3 wheels though (with the Microgaming version you can choose up to 8). This IGT roulette variant is featured in the lobbies of Virgin Casino and over at the Bet Victor Play Roulette lobby.

The Best Casinos For 3 Wheel Roulette (IGT)

three wheel roulette1. Bet Victor Casinorating
£175 bonus, Bet Victor has IGT and many other roulette variants.

bet365 roulette3. Bet365rating
A UK favourite with a £100 bonus. Play at bet365 games. 18+, T's and C's Apply.

Details, Pay Outs

Because you are betting on 3 wheels, all your bets are tripled. So place £10 on red, for example, and you total bet will be £30. You can also place side bet on the "Colour Up Bonus". 3 zeros pays out 1000:1 and 3 numbers the same pays out 100x. If you land 2 numbers the same you get 5x your bet, and 3 colours the same is a "Push" (you get your bet back).
3 wheel roulette pay table

Play the Colour Up Bonus if you like a bit of novelty, but our advice on side bets is to leave them. They just increase the house edge. 

Having said that, there are some pretty hefty paying bets in there. If 3 zeros come in, you could land 1200x your bet. Three of a kind pays 100:1

- Maximum bet on red/black: £216 per wheel =£648
- Maximum bet on columns/dozens: £144 per wheel =£432
- Maximum single number bet $12 per wheel= £36.
- £250 over the whole table per wheel= £750.

IGT also use a concentric wheel in the bonus game of their Double Bonus Spin Roulette game, except this one has 2 concentric wheels, not 3.

3 wheel roulette statsLike all of the IGT Player´s Suite games, 3 wheel roulette has some pretty neat features, and one that we particularly like is the stats.

You can see all of the hot and cold numbers mapped out onto a radial graph that shows the results over the last 300 numbers. Then the distribution of high/low, odd/even and red/black numbers is shown around the outside of the graph.

Before you get too excited, just remember that there is no such thing as a roulette wheel with a memory and past results have no affect on future results. Having said that, we like to see the results as much as the next man as we often base our betting profile on it (which takes any emotion out of the game. Don´t kid yourself though, you are not going to improve your odds. That´s the Gambler´s Fallacy, believing that you can spot trends in roulette like you can in the stock market.

Another variant to take a look at, if you like something a bit out of the ordinary like 3 Wheel Roulette, is Mini Roulette which has 13 numbers instead of 37 (13- lucky for some!). Bear in mind that the house edge is higher though. There's also another IGT roulette variant called Triple Bonus Roulette that uses this 3 concentric wheel in a bonus game that worth a look. And if this is all a bit too complicated for you, we'd advise just playing a simple game like Playtech European Roulette, which just has a wheel, the standard bets and a big button that says "SPIN"! But, if you do like these "novelty games", you should also take a look at Multi Ball Roulette which is an IGT variant with one wheel and up to 10 balls spinning on each round.

You might see something similar to this if you are in a land-based casino. Cammegh make a wheel with a side bet on the monitor called Spread Bet Roulette, which also runs on concentric wheels (there are only 2 of them though).


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