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The Virgin brand needs no introduction. We like the 3D Roulette here (also known as Roulette Splendide) plus they have IGT roulette and live games. They have roulette covered! 

Virgin needs no introduction, of course: it's one of the most famous entertainment brands in the world, and people have been going to Las Vegas with Virgin Holidays flying Virgin Atlantic for years. Which is probably why they got involved in the online casino market with their Virgin Games brand.

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Virgin Games is the only place where you'll accumulate V*Points when you play- which you can use to buy stuff from other Virgin companies and even to build up Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles.

As you would expect, they place a heavy emphasis on the customer service side of things- this is as safe a place to play as you are going to get. And if you do run into any problems, they are keen to try and help you out. All good reasons to play here. All of the games are flash or html (there are no roulette download games) they have a good selection of roulette, but if you like playing on a desktop "app", just bear in mind that you won't be able to do that here (if you have a fast connection speed, that's not going to matter). Virgin is good for Martingale roulette players.

3D Roulette (Roulette Splendide).

virgin rouletteThe 3D Roulette (Roulette Splendide, not to be confused with 3D Roulette from Playtech) is the standout game here with great video graphics. Table limits are 10p to £1000 (£500 on the even money bets, £300 on the columns and dozens.
There's a racetrack bet layout at the top so you can bet on the Voisins, the Tiers or the Orphelins.

The game choice on Virgin has expanded recently- you have a choice between 3D Roulette (Roulette Splendide), standard European, IGT Roulette, plus Streets of Gold and Roulette Lite. They only come in the no-download version. Roulette Splendide is a very pretty game though- they have plenty of variants, and they are all pretty good!

You have as big a range here as you would do at a Microgaming casino like Wombat Casino or a Playtech Roulette casino like Mansion Casino. The games they offer are very good. It's nice and simple (all the major bet types covered, with a decent table limit up to £1000 and very nice graphics). If you want a solid choice of standard roulette tables, with a few novelty games and some live dealer action, you'll find it all here.

Live Roulette
Virgin Games now have an excellent live dealer section with our favourite game: Immersive Roulette. Check it out- they have dedicated tables which means you get the full Virgin customer experience at the tables with some lovely dealers behind the wheels.

Mobile Games
All of Virgin's games look fantastic on a mobile including the live dealer games- so if you want to play on your smartphone or tablet on the sofa, go ahead.

Table Limits
Table limits:
The minimum bet is 10p, and the overall table limit is £1,000 (straight up bets).
Even Money bets: £500
Columns/Dozens: £300

Limits for Individual Bets
Straight bet: £25
Split bet (2 nos.): £50
Street bet (3 nos.): £75
Corner bet & Four bet (4 nos.): £100
Five numbers: £125
Line bet (6 nos.): £150
Columns & Dozens (twelve numbers): £300
Even Money Bets, 1-18 and 19-36: £500
Call Bet Limits will follow the above rules. Virgin will warn you if you try to go over the bet limit.

Payment Options
Although the choice of payment and withdrawal options here is not as wide as some other online casinos, they do have all of the major methods covered (including Paypal which not everyone accepts). So if you want to make a Neteller roulette deposit, for example, you'll be able to at Virgin. Also credit cards, debit cards, Skrill Laser and Paypal.

Virgin is a solid choice- there are plenty of variants, and they are good ones, especially 3D roulette, plus they have a 200% match with roulette friendly wagering terms.