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roulette bonus

Here at Online Roulette, we aim to help roulette players get more bang for their buck at online casinos, and we continue to negotiate exclusive roulette bonuses for our visitors. So you’ll be confident to know that you’ll get the very best bonuses at Online Roulette.

What is a Roulette Bonus?

A roulette bonus is an offer which encourages you to put down a deposit. You can often find welcome bonuses which aim to recruit new players, and can offer anything between 10% and 500% in return. For example, a 100% welcome bonus (also referred to as a ‘matched bonus’) means the casino will match the amount you deposit 100% - potentially doubling what you have to play with.

What Types of Roulette Bonuses are Available?

There are a variety of bonuses available with online roulette. Most do require a deposit, however the rewards can vary between the different casinos. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of the different bonuses with online roulette.

● Deposit bonus
Deposit bonuses are often known as sign-up bonuses and usually offer great offers to attract new customers.
● Reload bonus
A reload bonus is an offer which is only available to existing customers, aimed at building and maintaining customer loyalty.
● Free bonus money
Free bonus money is exactly that; free. These types of bonuses are particularly attractive for roulette beginners.
● Fixed bonus
A fixed bonus is one of the most common bonus types. This type of bonus requires you to deposit the same amount of money offered in the original bonus, so you have double money. This can’t be withdrawn until the player has played for the money a certain number of times. The player can then withdraw their ‘wage’.
● Risk-free bonus
A risk-free bonus is rare in the online casino industry now, however it works as 100% risk-free for the player. In effect, the player can play and gamble as much as they want, completely risk-free - knowing they will be reimbursed whatever they lose.
● Percentage bonus
A percentage bonus allows players to make a deposit and get a certain percentage added on top of their original bonus as an extra. For example, if a player puts down a deposit of £100 with a 50% bonus, the online casino will add a further £50 to their deposit, resulting in the player having £150 to play with.

To Take the Bonus or Not to Take the Bonus

Whether you take a bonus can sometimes depend on what type of player you are. In most cases, bonuses are worth taking if you are a slots player, but they’re not worth taking if you are a blackjack player. Roulette tends to sit in the middle and players should be happy with the terms of the offer before deciding whether to take the bonus. Here at Online Roulette, we do features some exclusive roulette bonus offers, which have been structured with roulette players in mind.
There are also different types of roulette bonus offers - we cover no deposit roulette bonus offers here, but there are also standard match deposits, free hour promotions, free spins and free roll roulette tournament offers.

Are Roulette Players Discriminated Against?

casino roulette bonusWhen it comes to playing casino games online, most bonus offers are geared towards slots players. You may often find that flashy bonus offers such as, “£500 FREE!”, “50 FREE SPINS!” and “£3,000 FREE”, which then exclude roulette players from meeting the wagering requirements in the small print. So, why are roulette players discriminated against like this?
You may often find that online casinos prefer slots players. They tend to make most of their money off them, because the house edge on slots is in general higher than the house edge on roulette, so they prefer to give out slots bonus offers over roulette bonus offers.
Also, most slots games spin faster than a roulette wheel (so most players bet more in a shorter space of time), so you can start to understand this bias towards slots when it comes to free spins bonus offers.

Other Types of Bonus

There are one or two variations on the typical bonus. The one that stands out the most is the bonus from BetVictor Casino which is released after you have bet a certain amount (they've kind of turned the match bonus on it's head.)
It's safe to say that this isn't one of the biggest offers out there (£175), but then again, at least they are upfront and transparent about it. You only get a bonus for bets on their live roulette tables by the way.

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What is's Favourite Bonus?

It’s difficult for us to choose the best, as there are lots of great bonuses out there for players. If we had to pick one? Well, it's a tight race, but that would be 32 Red Roulette, who run with very clear and roulette friendly terms. It's one the biggest out there (special mention to Mansion Casino for that) and is one of the clearest to play.