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Live Roulette

Online Roulette Guide

Play Live Dealer Roulette at our recommended casinos.
If you prefer a real wheel, you’ll find the best online tables here.

Play at Fun Casino - Cash Back

  • Supercharged atmosphere
  • Win up to 500x your stake

Play at Mansion Casino

  • The x500 multiplier!
  • Random multiplier boosts
  • BUT, payout on single numbers: 29:1

Play at Wombat Casino - Bonus 200.00

  • Very slick interface
  • Run by Evolution

Play at Grand Ivy

  • If you like to play Live and Fast, this is your game
  • 2 spins a minute

Play at Genesis Casino

  • Direct from the Dragonara Tables

Play at Monkey Casino

  • Fast and live
  • Plays La Partage rule on even money bets

Play at Monkey Casino

Lightning Strikes

Claim Bonus
  • A great roulette / slots combo
  • As the wheel spins, the slot reels spins. Bet on both!

Play Evolution at Wombat Casino

  • Some of the best live games in the business
  • Dealer and Auto games

Play at bet365

  • Place a Golden Ball bet with the croupier!
  • Go close-up with the X-Zoom mode

Play at Monkey Casino

  • Something a bit different
  • Super easy to play
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What is Live Roulette?

Live roulette generally refers to online roulette variants where you bet on a physical table and wheel via an interface on the Internet. Unlike virtual roulette (video games) which are computer generated simulations that are run off RNGs (random number generators), in Live Roulette you interact with a actual person or croupier who makes your bets for you in a studio or land based casino. Another word for it would be remote roulette.

Another variant is Automatic roulette which you play on a live wheel, but without a croupier. The wheel is operated by a machine (pneumatically driven). These variants are popular with players who like a fast game but still want to play on a physical wheel rather than a video simulation.

Play Live Roulette Games

There are a couple of ways that you can play roulette online or on your mobile. You can play virtual, or video roulette, which is a computer simulation of a roulette table (these days these are very life-like).

This is similar in some ways to playing a slot machine, and we review a wide selection of virtual roulette games and casinos on this site.

OR, you can play live roulette, or live dealer roulette at sites like Wombat Casino, in which you place your bets on a real table at a real casino, and watch the action unfold over a webcam feed.

Wombat has both Net Ent and Evolution live gaming feeds. Or check out the live roulette tables over at Betway Live Casino or 32Red – other great options.

Players looking for biased roulette wheels favour these kinds of games. You can also play live games on a TV channel.

UK Live Roulette – Top Casinos

1. Wombat Casino

£/$/€ 200 Bonus. Wombat Casino has live roulette tables from NetEnt, Extreme Live Gaming and Evolution, with cashback on live dealer games at the weekend. You can play on your mobile too.

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2. All British Live Roulette

£/$/€ 100 Bonus (100%). Plus 10% Cashback

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Video Showing Immersive Roulette

Live or Virtual? Which is Better?

So which is the superior game? Well, both have their advantages. Virtual roulette is fast, there´s always a seat free and there are hundreds of variants to choose from, whether you prefer French Roulette, Mini Roulette or American Roulette.

Live roulette, like the games that you’ll see over at Monkey Casino, on the other hand, is closer to the experience that you’d get at Las Vegas, Macau or Monaco. The game is played on real wheels. And some people prefer this: a real wheel will have tiny imperfections and some players believe this gives them an edge. We’d caution that these days the wheels are manufactured pretty much flawlessly, but you make up your own mind.

And not only that, the games developers have really upped their games on the production front. Take a game like Evolution Immersive Roulette for example. They stream this at 200 frames per second across multiple camera angles, with slow motion replays and a powerful betting panel. It’s about as engaging as you can get.

Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Roulette

  • Live Roulette takes place on a real wheel
  • The game tends to be more social with interaction with the croupier and other players
  • The atmosphere is closer to a land based casino roulette game
  • The games can be slow, although many casinos offer speed or turbo version with up to 2 spins a minute
  • Can be laggy on slow connections. Make sure you have fast Internet
  • It can be difficult to play your bets on faster games as there is a set time in between spins. Make sure you are organised before you hit the table.

More Casinos

Most of the casinos listed here have virtual roulette games as well (video roulette). Some of them offer an additional bonus for live roulette players, and many of them (such as Paddy Power) also enable you to play live dealer roulette on your mobile or tablet. Some started out offering just live games and have since expanded into virtual games, slots and sports betting.

Betfair Live Tables

Betfair has a big selection of live studios: one with European dealers and the other with Asian dealers. They also have very good mobile live roulette apps for iPhones, Android etc.

Some people just like the authentic feel of playing at real casino, with live dealers. It’s not as fast, but then it’s more social too- you can chat with your fellow players and even chat up the dealer. In terms of odds, both versions of the game deliver the same chance of winning (as long as you are comparing virtual European Roulette with Virtual live dealer European Roulette, for example. Unless there is an imperfection in their wheel of course, but then that is a whole different conversation …. 😉

If you play live roulette at 32Red Casino, they even have a Playboy live casino with Playboy Bunny croupiers!

What Exactly is A Live Casino?

Well, it’s not actually “alive”. Unlike virtual casinos, live casinos have real life croupiers on the other side of the table. It´s a bit like the roulette you see on satellite TV (eg on BSkyB). Rather than having what’s called a random number generator (RNG) spinning your wheel, there is an actual person at the roulette wheel that interacts with you. You can ask them questions about the various bets (such as the more exotic bets like Voisins Du Zero or Black Splits), or you can just have a chat. It´s less impersonal and more social! (You can also have a chat with the other players).

The Best Live Roulette

As always, this is a matter of opinion. Many of the top casino games developers like Playtech and Microgaming have joined the live casino bandwagon and now have their own studios located in places like Eastern Europe, Latvia and so on. The technology is pretty good, and the web can streams are pretty slick, but persoanlly speaking, we like to play with croupiers who have a good level of English, as this is our mother tongue, and this is not always the case with some of these studios. The way it works, is that Playtech, or whoever, will run the studio and then beam that our to multiple casino partners.

Live Roulette Tips

If you want to play on a physical wheel, but prefer a fast game, then try an Auto Roulette with is a physical wheel that is spun automatically. You watch the action unfold over a live webcam feed. These live roulette variants tend to be faster than games with a croupier.

There are are also some good live dealer games that have been designed for fast play, such as Speed Roulette. You need to be organised when placing your bets though, as there is not much time in between spins. These variants are good for testing systems.

Play Live Roulette Games at 32Red

Some of the bigger players like Betfair have their own exclusive tables, which is better, but if we are playing live roulette, we prefer to play on a table developed by companies like Evolution Gaming who specialise in this area. You can really tell the difference in quality of the feed. Lightning Roulette, for example, has a real theatrical feel to it and they work hard to immerse you in the game- it’s electrically charged! Hence the name. You can play this on the roulette section at Wombat Casino.

The other live casinos we enjoy playing at are the ones that specialise in live games, such as 32Red Casino and to a lesser extent Virgin Games.

Live Roulette FAQs

  • Where are the tables located when you play live roulette?
    There are 2 main variants of live roulette. Most tables are located in a Studio owned by the live gaming company who is running the table you happen to be playing at. Evolution, for example, has 9 studios worldwide in Latvia, Malta, Georgia, Romania, Vancouver: Canada, Atlantic City: New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Spa: Belgium.

    Many companies have also tied up with land-based casinos. They run the feed directly from the table at the casino (Authentic Gaming is the market leader here).
  • How many live roulette providers are there?
    This is a growing area within the online casino industry. Players seem to like the authenticity you get playing on a live dealer table. There are over 20 main providers we can think of, and the number goes up if we are talking smaller players. The main companies include Evolution, Pragmatic Play, Authentic, Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, Amaya, Media Live, Vivo Gaming and Asia Live Tech. The industry is consolidating though. We expect this list to shorten!
  • Is live roulette rigged?
    This is the age old conspiracy theory that does the rounds on the Internet: the idea that live roulette wheels are rigged in some kind of Al Capone fashion, with magnets under the wheel and so on. On the face of it, this would be pretty easy to pull off, wouldn’t it?, given that the players sit remotely from the wheel.

    The first point to make is that any reputable casino will be audited in order to get their licence to operate. You should avoid shoddy outfits, that goes without saying, but we are confident that the casinos that we feature are playing by the rules.

    The second point to make, is that the casinos already have a house edge on the roulette table. It is in their interest to make sure that their players come back and play and enjoy themselves. If an online casino is in it for the long term, they wouldn´t last long employing shady tactics. You can give yourself a measure of comfort by tracking the results on the wheel. Do they look statistically normal? The distribution of reds and blacks will tend to normalise to 47% / 47% (with the rest reserved for the green) over time. Play with small bets first and you will soon spot any obvious skews.

    The third point is that skewing the wheel is actually a pretty dangerous game for a casino. If you look at some of the characters who have taken the casinos to the cleaners on roulette over the years, most of them have spotted imperfections on the wheel. It works both ways!
  • What’s the best live roulette?
    That depends on what you are after. For design, we like Immersive Roulette with all of its camera angles and slow motion replays. If we want to play fast, we like Speed Roulette. And for a speciality game, we like to play Lightning Roulette.
  • Why do I see the same live dealer games across different casinos?
    The online casino industry has developed with companies specialised in offering packages of games and design houses who develop the games and then license them out. It is quite a complex business with all of the regulation involves which varies by country, so people tend to specialise in one way or another. Evolution, for example, designs live roulette games and will supply their software to lots of different casinos. You may well be able to play at the same wheel in the same studio across multiple casinos, although some of the larger operators have their own exclusive tables.
  • What is the Difference between live Dealer Roulette and Live Automatic Roulette?
    Live Dealer roulette always has a croupier – a physical person operating the wheel. They are responsible for spinning the wheel, throwing the white ball and calling the results. Some players believe that this can result in a “Dealer Signature” which (if you can map it) will give you an edge. We think that’s hard on today’s wheels.
    Live Automatic Roulette wheels are theoretically more random. A machine does the work of spinning the wheel and releasing the white ball. This variant is closer to video roulette, only the action still takes place on a physical wheel. Some players prefer the speed of the games on the automatic variants. There is less chatting on more betting going on!

Automatic Roulette

If you are looking for a fast game, but still want to play on a physical wheel, then you should try Automatic Roulette. These games have physical wheel, but the ball is released mechanically by the machine. you will often see these games in the roulette section in land based casinos.

The idea is the same, only you make your bets and watch online.