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360 Roulette

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Let’s face it, online roulette has never been more sophisticated or exciting, with a wealth of amazing products out there like Diamond Strike roulette and Great Rhino to float your roulette boat and now Extreme Live Gaming have gone one better! They’ve created a live roulette game, 360 Roulette, that is so high-tech it might give your brain-fry! Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality gaming!! Eek.


Extreme 360 Roulette is the beginning of a new breed of games that take more traditional games like London Live Roulette and move the technology up a notch- many more are sure to follow this remarkable technical step. You can just use your mobile phone or desktop computer or Virtual Reality headset to deliver directly into the world of your very own Virtual Reality gaming environment. Watch out tech alert: For the tech heads out there this is an augmented reality HTML5 game- wow, that’s so techy it nearly killed me to write it! But would I like it or would it leave me cold, without any of the fun of a real casino or the benefits of online play wherever I like?

The real kick for a roulette lover at home is that you can play more than one game at a time, and that’s roulette and side games like slots for us multitaskers, or if you simply like to keep those hands busy! If you are ever going to have a Jake Cody Roulette moment, you want to be doing it on this 360 game!

Basically this is a European roulette game where you’re standing in the casino, you are transported into a room of wheels, tablegames and real croupiers from the comfort of your own home, keep the PJs on, no one will know you’re not rocking a tux or a killer dress!

Look and feel

In front of you there’s the wheel and your croupier, a smartly turned out professional, and in the background you can see other table games staffed by other equally dapper staff.

Here you have the roulette wheel within your hands’ reach and as with a land-based casino, you can place bets with ease on that oh so easy to reach playtable at the bottom of the screen. I thought the playtable was easy to use, with your chips right in front of you at the bottom of the playtable and then the usual numbers laid out clearly with a racetrack to the right for the fans amongst you.

On the top left of the screen you can see the wheel history giving you an idea of what numbers are hot or not! On the right of the paytable you can see the bet limits and payouts so all the info you need is at your fingertips.

If you can handle the weird factor of having a virtual reality mixed with real croupiers then you’ll get on famously, it’s just a matter of immersion- I totally bought into the experience.


For me, I was totally over excited and slightly freaked out by the virtual reality experience, these guys and gals have put together something really exciting. It’s hard to compare this roulette experience to others, but the set up of the game and the reassuring presence of a live croupier make for an easy to use game with the human touch to deliver you into the land-based casino experience, but without having to get out of bed or at least not having to shine your shoes first!