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Club Roulette

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Club Roulette

Club Roulette is another cracker of a live roulette game fresh from Extreme Gaming’s selection of live games. Here we have easy to play online roulette live to your front room with a brilliant vibe that replicates, at your convenience, the atmosphere and fun of land-based roulette play – without having to even put your best outfit on! This is a premium live game along similar lines to Prestige Roulette from Playtech. The clue is in the name I guess!

And there’s more, this game has a social element to add to the mix too!

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Look and feel

Here the screen is divided, on the left a smartly dressed croupier is seated next to the roulette wheel as in a casino. Once the wheel has been spun and the game is in play, you can see the screen on the right for bets and players. As the ball lands, the number is called by the croupier. Your other option is an automatic wheel like Authentic’s Auto Roulette Live 30, but if you prefer a roupier to call out the numbers, Club Roulette is your game.

This positioning of the croupier and the green-felted table top is inspired, it gives the feeling of being just opposite the player, providing a convincing “as real” physical casino-style experience.

On the right hand side is your table top and here you can virtually place your chips of different denominations on your numbers of choice. This is also where all your personal desktop of information is visible, showing your balance, the value of your bet and winnings.

In the upper centre of the screen you can see which numbers your invisible online competitors are betting on, if they want to share this information with you and other competitors.

In the centre of the screen, you are prompted to put your bet on and told when the bets are closing, this is also reiterated by your professional croupier.

On the far right of the screen, you can message your croupier and if you want to – other players as well – talk about a social whirl!

The feel of the game is that despite being online, it has an exclusive and professional air that you’d expect from a better breed of land-based casinos. It’s not as fast as, say, Authentic Roulette Turbo, but it’s more social!

Game play

Choose your avatar or online character to represent you to other players during the game; there are a number on offer. This is what sets this game apart. Here you can be as social as you like with the other players and this is what makes for the “club” element of the game. You can be as friendly or as unfriendly as you like.

Now choose your numbers and place your bets, just pop yourself down at that comfortable green-felted table top. Club Roulette has a betting limit on the table of £10,000.

Like other Extreme Gaming titles this is all in high definition, but of course, depending on your internet connection you can chose how high you want that level of quality to be- just pick the quality to suit your set up. And depending on how you like your game; you can play full screen for the full cinematic style of immersive roulette play.


If you’re a social roulette player then Club Roulette might just be the ticket for you. Join the wheel spin and feel the fun of chatting with fellow players as you stack up all those winning gambling chips.