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Authentic Live Double Wheel Roulette

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If you are looking for something a bit different on the live roulette front, we’d recommend taking a look at this Double Wheel live roulette wheel from Authentic Gaming- the company behind online Lucky Ball Roulette that you might also have seen at a land-based casino.

In Live Double Wheel, you do not have to bet on both wheels if you do not want to- the choice is yours, but the interesting thing about this game is that the pay-outs are enhanced on many of the bets compared to a standard roulette table. You can play Authentic Double Wheel live roulette at Codeta.

Play Double Wheel Authentic Roulette at bet365

Double Wheel Roulette has two American style double zero wheels and an increased payout for many of the bets on the table when compared to standard roulette rules.

The 2 live automatic wheels churn out 2000 spins a day. You choose whether to play one wheel or bet on both wheels. The pay out on this live roulette game is enhanced- that’s one of the key draws.

So, a win on a straight-up bet (single number) pays 36:1 (vs 35:1). You get 35:2 for a Split bet (normally 17:1) and 1.05:1 for the Outside bets like red/black, odd/even etc.

How to Play Authentic Roulette Double Wheel

Place your bets on one or 2 wheels. Each wheel is coloured differently and has its own timer showing how long you have got left to make your bets. You must place your bets within the allocated time or they will not be accepted.

You can bet directly off the stats if you like.

One of Authentic’s missions with their products, is to make the online experience as close to the land-based experience as possible, hence their name: Authentic. This sets them apart from Studio based live dealer games like Playboy Roulette which, while still technically live, is a more staged experience (you do have the Bunnies spinning the wheels though!). You will find that most of the Authentic products accept bets from players actually at a real casino and over the Internet- their products are generally used by land-based casinos to expand their customer base, and this includes their Double Roulette Wheel game.

Another important driver for this company is the experience on mobile, so you will find that their games look great on smaller screens. if you like playing on a mobile or tablet you are covered. In most cases, the design has been developed with a mobile first strategy. They design is very clever in that the betting area is superimposed on the wheel when you make your bets, and when you hit the “No More Bets” stage, it minimises leaving you to view the wheel and the ball- a clever solution for smaller screens.

The product is live in the St Vincent Resort and Casino in the Italian Alps (would love to visit this 5 star casino myself one winter, but I guess I will stick with the online version for now!) and they are rolling out with Casinos Austria International.


This live roulette is definitely worth a go for the enhance pay-outs on bets. It’s a fast game, and you can speed things up even more by betting on 2 wheels simultaneously.

Just remember, that both wheels are American Roulette wheels though, so you have an extra zero in there. That means, if you are going for the Outside Bets, there is an additional green pocket that the ball can drop into.