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9 Pots of Gold Roulette

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A fun Irish variant from Switch Studios. Win up to 500x your bet.
Powerful stats and special bets features.

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What is 9 Pots of Gold Roulette?

9 Pots of Gold Roulette is a variation of online roulette, developed by Switch Studios and Games Global, the developers who bought Microgaming.

It’s a combination of classic European roulette with a side bonus feature that offers higher pay outs than you would expect on a standard table.

Switch Studios have launched a roulette version of Gameburger’s popular Irish slot.


The scene is set against a classic roulette wheel on an Irish table, with the addition of a pot of gold bonus. You play in the same way as traditional roulette, by placing bets on the table and waiting for the ball to land on a winning number.

However, there is a 9 Pots of Gold feature that offers the chance to win up to 500x your bet on single number bets.

Showing the random lucky numbers, four in this case with a x250 multiplier on 12.

How to Play

It’s an easy game to get going on. Place your usual numbers bets, or go for the Outside Bets like red or black, odd or even, and high or low numbers.

It makes sense to make single number bets on this game as that is where the big pay-outs come in. So instead of betting on red, you are better off making straight-up bets on all of the red numbers individually.

Once you have placed your bets, the ball is spun, and you wait for it to come to a stop on a winning number.

The Jackpot

At the start of each spin, the leprechaun does a wee jig for you and then from two to five Pots of Gold are revealed at random, showing the leprechaun’s lucky numbers.

Each lucky number is linked to a randomly selected multiplier ranging from x45 up to x500.

As the reel spins, you are treated to some Irish music with a few fiddles playing away (and the leprechaun taking a peek at the wheel from the left). It’s a real feel good game.

A Straight Up Bet on a winning lucky number is paid out at the odds determined by the selected multiplier for that winning lucky number. So it pays to make a few bets on single numbers in this game.

Other Features

Look out for the other features on this game that make 9 Pots of Gold a powerful roulette engine in its own right.

You can save up to favourite bet layouts, make special bets (red/black splits, Voisins du Zero, Tiers, Orphelins, Orphelins Plein, Zero Game, 007, Snake Bet, Random 7), make a random bet on 3 numbers, switch to racetrack view (call bets), Double your Bet, play Autoplay and Turbo mode (not in all jurisdictions)

The game is available on a range of different devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

History of Results

At the bottom of the table is a ticker showing the previous numbers that have hit and at the top is a drop down that shows you all of the possible lucky numbers for the spin with their multiplier values.

When these are chosen at random, they are displayed underneath the wheel.


If you tap the burger menu, top left, you’ll be able to acces some pretty powerful statistics such as hot and cold numbers, distribution of Outside Bets and distribution of Single Number bets.

9 pots of gold roulette statistics panel
Statistics Panel showing single number distribution


Note that straight up bets on single numbers pay out less than standard roulette at 29:1 (plus you get your bet back). So if you bet 10.00 on a single number and it comes in, you get 300.00 back.

This is to pay for the bonus bet which can net you up to 500:1 (including your original bet back) if the ball drops into the one of the leprechaun’s lucky numbers.


9 Pots of Gold Roulette Strategy

It makes sense to make single number bets in this game and try to scoop a lucky number win at a high multiple early on in your session. To reduce your risk, cover at least half the table (say bet on all of the red numbers), or set your bets at a level so that you can afford plenty of spins at the table.

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Pros and Cons

  • The Pots of Gold Bonus with a max 2000x win
  • A powerful roulette game in its own right
  • Single zero wheel with European odds.
  • Works well on mobile
  • Pretty volatile on the bonus front – this is not easy to trigger.
  • Pay-out on the single number bets is 29:1 to fund the lucky number multiples up to 500x


9 Pots of Gold Roulette
Switch Studios / Games Global
97.3% (standard European)
Number of Zeros
1, single zero wheel
High (on single number bets)
La Partage
Max Win
Min / Max Bets
0.25 / 1000.00
Irish, Leprechauns, Pots of Gold
Multiplier, Random multipliers (up to 500x)
✅ hot,cold numbers, outside bets & number heat map
✅ switch between layouts
✅ fast bets possible in some jurisdictions (not UK)
Rebet, Double Bet
✅ good for Martingale players
Special Bets
Red/black splits, Voisins du Zero, Tiers, Orphelins, Orphelins Plein, Zero Game, 007, Snake Bet, Random 7
Feb 2023


9 Pots of Gold Roulette is a good twist on standard European Roulette with a range of features, including a big top win to go after, although this is not easy to trigger.

You are essentially increasing the volatility of a standard European game. If you get a win on a Lucky Leprechaun number early on, this can pay dividends.