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Next Gen European Roulette (NYX)

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Best Casinos For Next Gen European Roulette

European Roulette from Next Gen (NYX) Gaming is a very simple variant. It will suit those players who aren’t interested in making Call Bets like the Voisins, who just want to make even money bets like black or red, columns or dozens, basic Inside Bets (like the Split bet) and individual numbers.

european nect gen roulette

The graphics can be a bit choppy, and the design is not the slickest we have seen (although it is a “3D” wheel. It does have one big advantage though. It adheres to La Partage rule, which means you get half of your bet back if you are betting on an even money bet like red/black and the ball lands in the zero. Who cares what the game looks like- this gets the house edge down from 2.6% on standard European Roulette to 1.3%!

There isn’t a whole lot more to be said out the Net Gen European Roulette. It’s super simple.

One nice touch is that they display your odds as your mouse is hovering over the different bets on the table. If you are playing on a mobile, then click on this free mobile roulette link to bring up the demo that has been optimised for mobiles.

The other thing we should probably mention, is that the betting limits are pretty moderate on this game- they’re fine if you want a flutter, but high rollers will need to look elsewhere. The maximum bet on a single number is £10 and on an even money bet like odd or even you can go up to £100.

The only thing that annoyed us about the game, is that your bets are left to ride on the table from one spin to the next. In fact, even if you lose your bet, the chips stay down on the table so you have to clear your bets after every spin. It’s a small niggle, but a significant one if you are used to playing fast. I guess that’s the price you pay for playing on a game that offers La Partage rule.