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Spreadbet Roulette (Playtech)

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An interesting variant from Playtech with a Spreadbets on the side

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Spread Bet Roulette

The designers at Playtech know a thing or two about online gaming and their Spread-Bet Roulette game offers something a little different from the standard casino fare in the shape of a smart and easy to play game with a spread betting element.

This is a great way to keep the action on the lively side. If you want basic roulette then head to our 20p roulette game as we are talking bells & whistles here!

If you are after a low risk option, you could also go for Playtech’s Penny Roulette game. You can play Spreadbet with modest amounts. Or you can crank up the risk level- it’s your call.

The Facts

  • Spread-Bet Roulette features a European wheel with an additional Golden Inner Wheel.
  • On this game you can place an optional Spread-Bet (side bet). Spread bets can be place alongside standard bets or on their own.
  • The game features the Green Win. If the ball lands in the green zero pocket on the main wheel, all of your side bet wins are doubled.
  • The Spread-Bet result is the sum of both wheel results.
  • The maximum win is 400x your stake

Good Looks

Spread Bet Roulete Wheel

So what does this game offer? The clear and crisp graphics have a certain class to them. This is a game that’s been well designed and easy on the eye without fuss and distractions and it works well on mobile, despite all of the extra activity going on with the dual wheels.

It’s pretty traditional when you compare it to Evolution’s Monopoly Live Casino game which is more of a Wheel of Fortune. This game is roulette with an added twist.

The background of play is dark purple which sets off a traditional 37 pocket roulette wheel which looks pretty life-like and is a decent size allowing you to watch the progress of the ball around the wheel. And then there is that inner golden wheel where you can place your spread bets if you fancy it.


On the left of the wheel is a handy magnified close up of the winning number. Above this the spread bet total is shown. Below here are the different value chips.

To the right of the wheel is a nifty spot to show your wheel history and stats. Neatly tucked under the stats is a racetrack betting option if you prefer to play with Orphelins, neighbouring bets and similar. With a single click the betting tables will be swapped.

Below the wheel is the table where you place your bets with a click or tap and, as part of the table, there are the brightly coloured number ranges for you to place your spread bets, as opposed to the vanilla version of the game. Then there are a few handy tools to speed up play like re-bet and double and spin.

Pros and Cons

  • Win up to 400x your bet
  • The extra wheel adds some spice to the game.
  • Single zero roulette wheel
  • Good looking design which works well on mobiles
  • Side bets reduce the RTP to between 93 and 96.5%

Spreadbet Roulette Game Play

You can play a standard game of roulette on Spread-Bet Roulette, but this game also has a few side bets up its sleeve: the spread bets. The golden inner wheel spins in the opposite direction to the main wheel. Add the two numbers up when the ball stops and you have your Spread-Bet number. It’s a game with added extras like the Superman Roulette game – also by Playtech.

There’s the potential to win up to x400 your initial bet on a single spin which is enough to grab anyone’s attention, novice or pro alike.

The Spread Bet totals (sum of 2 wheels) pay out as follows:

  • 0-1- 400:1
  • 2-11: 15:1
  • 12-18: 10:1
  • 19-33: 2:1
  • 34-54: 1:1
  • 55-67: 7:1
  • 68-72: 80:1

Green Win Feature

There’s also Green Win feature where, if you manage to land the ball on the green zero pocket of the outer wheel, you will double any spread bet wins. It’s a nice little boost to the main game.

No crowded table

This isn’t a game that is going to warm the heart of a roulette fan who loves the buzz and atmosphere you get playing at a land-based casino, or the frenetic fun of being part of a live online game straight from a casino floor- this is a game for the roulette player who wants to chill out and play without all the distractions that some other roulette games come with.


Spread-Bet Roulette is an easy to play online game with an interesting side bet and with a set-up that would suit an experienced player or newbie. A great roulette variant with the Green Win feature to give you an extra boost.

Game Features

Spreadbet Roulette
RTP% Standard Wheel
RTP Range Side Bets
Number of Zeros
Single (European)
La Partage
Financial, Side Bets
R17 Score
Main features
Single Zero Roulette, x2 Rebet, Racetrack Option,
Side Bet
Yes- Spread Bets. Add 3 wheel results
Progressive Jackpot
Only History