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Key Bet Roulette

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key bet roulette

Key Bet Roulette is a European variant from Barcrest (Scientific Games). There is an additional side bet (like in Mike Tyson Roulette) you can make on this variant- the Key Bet- which is separate from the main table. Winning Key Bets are awarded the Key Bet prize- this can be up to 100x the Key Bet stake. When you have place your Key Bet, the Pot Number will be displayed.

Before the ball is put into the wheel and spun, various multipliers will light up as well as the POT (see left). Whichever multiplier (or the pot) ends up lit will be your prize if the ball lands in the Key Bet. Other than the side bet, Key Bet is a traditional roulette game unlike, say, Hasbro’s Monopoly Live Casino game which is more of a wheel of fortune.

The Key Bet pocket is a yellow slot that sits opposite the zero.

Key Bet Roulette (European) Video Clip

Remember with these kinds of Side Bet roulette games that the house edge will be higher than standard European Roulette- that is the price you pay for the opportunity of winning the Key Bet. For the lowest house edge, play the even money bets on Iron Dog 3d European Roulette– as this plays La Partage.

The additional yellow pocket on the wheel lifts the house advantage to the same as American Roulette, which has 2 zeros. Now, given that the Double Zero (00) pays out at 35:1 (plus your initial bet is returned), you can argue that it is better to play Key Bet roulette than American- as long as you make the side bet and you don’t land on the x20, the x25 or the x32 multiplier Key Bet prize.

It’s a long shot to just play the Key Bet (one on 38 chance of winning)- we’d recommend a higher coverage bet like the even money bets in tandem with a smaller Key Bet as a side bet if you are going to play this variant.

But the bottom line is, the house edge is higher here- there’s no getting around it. The Key Bet is what is known as a high variance side bet- it won’t come in that often, but the pay-out should be bigger than average when it does drop in.


You’ll notice a few different features on this game. Like the Stake Level button. Instead of picking a chip denomination, press the STAKE button. Low stake bets £1, Medium bets £2 and High Stake bets £10.

Another neat feature which we like on this game is the ability to bet on the table or the wheel. Players who like to group their bets as neighbours on the wheel will appreciate that. Or just hit the Neighbour Bet button to bring up the Race-Track betting display. You can select up to 5 neighbours on either side of the number that you bet on.

Other options on the betting front include
Clear Last Chip,
Clear All Chips
Double Bet (for Martingale players), and
Repeat Last Bet

Play Key Bet Roulette at Party Casino.