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Net Ent Mini Roulette

Online Roulette Guide

Best Net Ent Casinos for Mini Roulette Roulette Players

Play NetEnt´s Mini Roulette at our recommended casinos. You often see this as a side game in Net Ent Casinos. We´ve also seen in on sports-books and bingo sites.

There is not much to say about Net Ent´s Mini Roulette. It´s a pint sized package of the full game, that is often displayed as a side game, although you can play it as a stand-alone game.

There are 13 numbered pockets instead of 37 (including the 0 pocket), red/black, even/odd, columns of 4 numbers or groups of six numbers (instead of dozens).

These half-dozens overlap, so you can bet on 1-6, or 4-9 o4 7-9.

The Payout is as follows:

Straight up number pays 11:1
Split pays 5:1
Threeline pays 3:1
Corner pays 2:1
Column pays 2:1
Half Dozen pays 1:1
Red,Black,Even and Odd also pays evens (1:1).

The Mini Roulette™ was designed for casual play in the sports book or playing other casino games. The maximum bet is €500 and maximum winning €1760.

Playtech also does a small version. Try our free mini roulette (Playtech version) if you want to check it out. It´s almost identical.


As with many of these novelty roulette games, we should just warn you that the RTP%, or Return to Player % (otherwise known as the payout or the inverse of the house edge) is lower in mini roulette than in standard European Roulette. If you think about it, it´s pretty obvious. Make a bet on standard roulette on the even money bets like red/black or hi/lo and you will see the ball drop into the zero pocket occasionally, meaning the house wins whether you bet on red or black. In standard roulette you have a 0.28% chance of landing in the zero. In mini roulette, there are only 12 no-zero pockets, so you have 7.7% chance of landing in the zero.

For this reason, we advise you to play mini roulette only occasionally, for a bit of fast fun. If you are planning on a more serious session, stick to the standard European tables and preferably choose a casino that offers La Partage where you get half your even money bet back if the ball land in zero. This gets the house edge down to 1.3%- which is not bad.