Net Ent Mini Roulette

Test out NetEnt´s Mini Roulette below. You often see this as a side game in Net Ent Casinos. We´ve also seen in on sports-books and bingo sites.

Play Mini Roulette at Betsafe Casino HERE

Best Net Ent Casinos for Mini Roulette Roulette Players

Try the following Net Ent Casinos for playing their roulette variants. 

roulette1. LeoVegas | Review 
At LeoVegas you can play NetEnt Mini Roulette that is 100% optimised for tablets and mobile devices..

mr green roulette2. Mr Green rating
With 100% bonus match and 100 bonus slots spins on your first deposit, Mr Green is worth a look for Net Ent roulette.

bgo roulette3. BGO | Review
As well as Net Ent roulette, BGO also has IGT and Microgaming games. Good choice. Instant games only.

There is not much to say about Net Ent´s Mini Roulette. It´s a pint sized package of the full game, that is often displayed as a side game, although you can play it as a stand-alone game.

There are 13 numbered pockets instead of 37 (including the 0 pocket), red/black, even/odd, columns of 4 numbers or groups of six numbers (instead of dozens).

These half-dozens overlap, so you can bet on 1-6, or 4-9 o4 7-9.

The Payout is as follows:

Straight up number pays 11:1
Split pays 5:1
Threeline pays 3:1
Corner pays 2:1
Column pays 2:1
Half Dozen pays 1:1
Red,Black,Even and Odd also pays evens (1:1).

The Mini Roulette™ was designed for casual play in the sports book or playing other casino games. The maximum bet is €500 and maximum winning €1760.

Playtech also does a small version. Try our free mini roulette (Playtech version) if you want to check it out. It´s almost identical.

As with many of these novelty roulette games, we should just warn you that the RTP%, or Return to Player % (otherwise known as the payout or the inverse of the house edge) is lower in mini roulette than in standard European Roulette. If you think about it, it´s pretty obvious. Make a bet on standard roulette on the even money bets like red/black or hi/lo and you will see the ball drop into the zero pocket occasionally, meaning the house wins whether you bet on red or black. In standard roulette you have a 0.28% chance of landing in the zero. In mini roulette, there are only 12 no-zero pockets, so you have 7.7% chance of landing in the zero.

For this reason, we advise you to play mini roulette only occasionally, for a bit of fast fun. If you are planning on a more serious session, stick to the standard European tables and preferably choose a casino that offers La Partage where you get half your even money bet back if the ball land in zero. This gets the house edge down to 1.3%- which is not bad.