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Roulette Master

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Best Casinos For Roulette Master

Roulette Master is a NYX Gaming roulette variant. This is a very well thought out game- we love the designs and the customisation it offers- it’s just a shame that you don’t see it offered by that many casinos. NYX also do a simpler variant called Next Gen European Roulette which offers La Partage rule.

roulette master

Play it below. We particularly like the statistics layout (toggle them on and off with the stat button). You can also display all the hot and cold numbers and if you hit the temperature button, you will get a heat map overlaid on to the betting layout- a great idea!

Play Roulette Master for Free & for Real at Wombat Casino

There are lots of ways that you can customise the game- just hit the settings button to change the graphics quality (set it for your connection speed). You can also adjust the sound, choose a female or male voice, set the speed from normal to turbo and even change the colour of the wheel and betting layout.

There is also a Special Bets button which brings up the Call Bets such as Zero Game, Red and Black Splits, Orphelin Plein, Tiers, Voisins and so on. If you like to play Finale bets, this variant is one of your best options as they offer the Finale Cheval Plein bet plus Finale Plein and Final Cheval.

Auto-play allows you to book in a number of spins (from 1 to 999) and Martingale players will like the Double bet button which quickly doubles up your bet on the table.

The only thing we would say, is that the graphics aren’t quite as smooth as some of the roulette games we have played. When you are in normal mode, the ball seems to take quite a while t drop down, and then it settles in a pocket very quickly. The simulation doesn’t seem as natural as some of the other virtual roulette games we have tried. But that is more than offset by the other features and the stats displays.