European Roulette Gold

european rouletteSome people prefer a more simple roulette- and if this is you, you will probably like European Roulette Gold. It's not as visually attractive as, say, 3D Roulette or Premier Roulette Diamond, but it is well laid out with the wheel and betting options all on one screen. There's no clutter. If you want more advanced betting options, and you want to save betting layouts, that's available too (plus statistics- but they are a bit text heavy in our opinion). Max bets: £800 on red/black etc,  £100 on single number, £700 columns/dozens.

Another good basic game with none of the frills is Playtech's European Roulette which is fast and simple. You can change the spin time too.
Try playing the European Roulette Gold Series of games at Betway. Press the settings button, bottom left (next to stats).

Premier Play European Roulette Gold 

wombat roulette1. Wombat Casinorating
£200 match deposit bonus. Lots of demos and excellent live roulette games. 

royal panda roulette2. Royal Pandarating
Play with the Panda! 

uk casino club roulette3. UK Casino Clubrating
£ 700 bonus at this UK Casino. Play Euro Gold. 

betway roulette4. Betwayrating
A well known brand with a a £250 bonus. 


European Roulette Gold Demo Clip


More Casinos For European Roulette Gold
We list the best casinos for playing this variant of roulette. This European variant is also used in Microgaming´s mobile roulette version which you can play at various casinos- we like the Wombat mobile roulette section. Your other option is to try the European Roulette over at Ladbrokes mobile casino, which is also very good- probably easier to make your bets on, actually.

32 red roulette5. 32 Redrating
32 Red has a very strong reputation with players. 



Switch to "Expert" mode to save betting layouts (up to 8 available) and to choose the more exotic bets such as Les Orphelins, Tiers du Cylindre, etc. Try Betway Roulette games for European Gold.

We always recommend playing European Roulette over American Roulette as the odds are better. (Plus, American Roulette gives you the option of playing the "worst bet in roulette": the 5 number bet. Why risk it? You might play it by mistake!)

Call Bets

European Roulette Call BetsEuropean Roulette Gold is an extremely powerful variant, especially when it comes to the Call Bets.

Hit the EXPERT button in the bottom left of the game, and then click on CALL BETS and you will get to the menu that we have displayed on the left.

You'll be able to play Red Splits, Black Splits, Les Voisins du Zero (Neighbours), Tiers, Les Orphelins, Orphelin Plein (single number bets), and all of the Finales en Plein and Finales a Cheval bets.

They're all here!

Edit Layout

If you hit the EDIT LAYOUT button, you can place the most popular call bets on a race-track betting layout, plus you can make neighbours bets on individual numbers (up to 8 either side).

Custom Layout

Or, just build your own custom bets and save them as a custom bet layout. We sometimes do this as a variation on a column or dozens bet- we just save 4 street bets instead (covering the same amount of table) to mix things up a bit.

Bet While the Wheel is Spinning

roulette timer no more betsAnother pretty cool option in European Roulette Gold, is the "No More Bets" timer setting. if you head into settings (the cog wheel icon), you will see an option to change the timer duration. You can set this up to 20 seconds, meaning you'll have that amount of time once the ball has been released to put some additional chips on the table before "No More Bets" is called.

A timer pops up on the screen to let you know how long you have got left.


A highly powerful roulette game- our "Go To" game when we are playing European Roulette- especially when we are placing Call Bets. If you like setting up your own layouts- this game is hard to beat. The wheel graphics could be slicker I guess, but then it's pretty fast. The mobile variant doesn't have as many features.