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Triple Bonus Spin Roulette

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Best Casinos For Triple Bonus Spin Roulette

Which game has more spins than Double Bonus Spin roulette? Why, it’s Triple Bonus Spin roulette, of course.

This is another roulette variant game from IGT with added features. Much the same as with Double Bonus Spin Roulette, all bets stand and a Free Spins Bonus kicks off when the ball lands in the yellow bonus pocket. In Triple Bonus Spin Roulette, however, you get 3 Free Spins with your original bet rolled over. You can play this game at BGO or Metro Play Casino, both of which have a mix of IGT, Microgaming and Net Ent roulette games.

You can win up to 1200 your bet on this roulette variant.


IGT’s Triple Bonus Spin Roulette is basically American Roulette with an extra zero pocket, plus a yellow bonus well. If the ball lands in the yellow well, all of your bets roll over and you get a free Triple Bonus Spin.

Click the START button, and the single roulette wheel is swapped out for a three wheel game with triple the number of pockets arranged around 3 concentric rings of roulette numbers. It’s quite a clever design.

The ball will travel around the wheel wall and slows, and then falls into one of the pockets on the inner ring. The two rings outside then slowly come to a stop and line up with the ball, giving you 2 and then 3 results. The winning numbers are those than line up with the original pocket that contains the ball. Try it above and see!

The three bonus wheels are independent – the result on one ring has no effect whatsoever on the result of the outer two rings.

If you made a bet on the yellow bonus and the ball lands on the yellow, you instantly earn an extra pay off in addition to your free Triple Bonus Spin. If one of the balls lands in the yellow pocket during a triple bonus spin, then crack open the fizzy stuff, as you bag a big payout!

You can bet on the yellow bonus as follows:

Straight Bet: place your chip right on top of the yellow bonus bet spot
Split Bonus: bet across one of the green zeros and the yellow bonus.
Trio Bonus Bet: place your chip between two of the green zeros and the yellow bonus.
Quad Bonus Bet: put your chip to the left and in between the two rows which contain all 3 green zero bet spots and the yellow bonus.

The Yellow Well

The Yellow Well is 1 and a third times bigger than the othe rpockets onthe wheel.

Gimmicky or Worth a Go?

Well, this is a fun variant, and something a bit different to play. Just don’t go crazy on it, as remember that the more zeros you have on the wheel, the lower your odds of winning, say an even money roulette bet. And there are 3 zero pockets on this wheel.

Our usual advice to is play European Roulette over American Roulette as there is one less zero pocket for the ball to fall into. Remember, this has 3 zero pockets! You do the maths (or should we say, “You Do The Math”).