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Premium American Roulette (Playtech)

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Best Casinos For Playtech Premium American Roulette

free american roulettePlaytech’s Premium American Roulette is a double zero variant that plays very well across all kinds of devices (phones, tablets, desktops etc).

This is a very neat American roulette variant from Playtech that has been optimised for all screen sizes. The mobile design is particularly impressive- the designers have managed to neatly pack in a very powerful game with lots of options such as Neighbours bets on a race-track layout without the screen becoming cluttered. They have done this through lots of slide out panels. You can play in either portrait or landscape mode on your phone or tablet- give the game a go on our free mobile game below.

This variant certainly lives up to its name: Premium American Roulette.

Here’s a short clip of us playing the mobile version on our phone.
Doh! Should have bet on the 00 pocket on the second spin! Play at our recommended casinos.

Other features you’ll find include a double up and bet button for Martingale players and varous setting to customise the speed and sounds of the table.

In the desktop version (free demo below), you’ll find an option to change your viewing angle (just click the movie camera icon) and you can customise the colour of the table with the paint brush icon. You can even reverse the spin direction of the wheel.

Click on the star icon to set favourite bets and the stats icon will also allow you to make bets off the distribution chart- which is a neat feature.

American Roulette by Playtech has a standard house advantage of 5.2% house edge. There’s a simple number board that shows you all the previous results. It’s fast, simple, and does what it says on the can!

Just bear in mind that that extra zero increases the house edge from 2.6% on a single zero wheel to 5.2% on this double zero wheel. You’ve almost got twice as much chance of the ball landing in a zero pocket if you are playing outside bets (or inside bets for that matter, although it doesn’t seem so bad on the individual numbers somehow).

Of course, if you are mad enough to play the Five Number bet, you’ll need to play American. Then check yourself into the Funny Farm, as it’s the worst bet on the table in terms of pay out.

But hey, what do we know? It’s up to you! 😉