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Superman Roulette

Roulette with a Supercharged Side Bet.

Play Superman Roulette at these Casinos

Superman Roulette

If you’re having a Clark Kent kinda day, then we’d suggets you embrace your inner Superman and make a play for Superman Roulette. DC and Playtech (those games developers behind Quantum Roulette and others) have created a cracking game loaded with mega-size multipliers and four progressive jackpots to boost your wheel spinning day. Just strip off and try and get some of those wins! (Make sure you wear your underpants outside of your trousers though).

If you like specialty games like this World Cup roulette game, you’re going to love this Clark Kent variant.

Pros and Cons of Superman Roulette

  • Win up to 726x your bet
  • The progressive jackpots
  • Good stats package
  • That side bet increases the house edge on the standard roulette bets
  • Remember, Superman wears his underpants over his trousers!

Look and Feel

I’d be downright downcast if I was playing a DC game and it wasn’t covered in super hero graphics, that’s the reason we’re here right? Well, don’t worry, as this game is fresh from the Superman franchise and it matches expectations with the right styling to match the biggest legend in the sky.

This is a bells and whistles game: roulette fans will be delighted to see that they’ll be playing on a 3D roulette wheel. The game gets a big tick on the graphics front and you’ll notice that it’s pretty high on features compared to the likes of Pragmatic Play roulette and other more basic games.

The wheel itself is a golden affair that leaps out the screen in pure Superman fashion- just the effect you want.

In the middle of wheel is a whacking great red superman “S”: fans of the movies will know it at once as the symbol is usually plastered across the main man’s big chest.

This game is suffused with the red and blue of everyone’s favourite superhero’s get up. You’re immersed in a glossy superman bubble.

Apart from the easy on the eye wheel, you’ll spot a standard bet table beneath where you kick off your game play.

Game Play

Superman Roulette comes with a European wheel with pockets numbered 0 to 36.

As an offering from Playtech you won’t be surprised to learn that this smart game looks great on all your devices. You can play this game in landscape or portrait mode which should suit on the go gamers.

As well as the standard set of bets, this game also offers some extra fun thanks to the racetrack mode. With a single click you can reveal the racetrack bet table so that you can place Neighbour bets or any other of the more “exotic” bets.

If you are feeling a little continental, then place your Voisins du Zero, Tiers and Orphelins bets on the race track too.

This game also offers you a nifty set of statistics so you can decide your gaming strategy going forwards. Which numbers are hot, or not?

There are all the shortcut buttons you’d expect to repeat, clear or double a bet, and a few more. This game is intuitive to use.

The Bonuses

Not satisfied with slick betting and play, then there are also a couple of big ticket extras loaded into this neatly packed game.

The Autoplay function is perfect if you want to watch a few spins roll by while maintaining the same bet.

Then there’s the Superman Bonus Bet which is a side bet that offers a good upper win of 726 x your wager: a pretty cool superpower. All you have to do to come over all heroic is to place a Superman chip alongside a standard betting chip. If you’re chosen number comes up then you’ll unlock a special superman feature.

You’ll be whisked off to a new screen peppered in Superman logos in an icy scene (you know how he loves the North pole). You’re aim is to gain the Fortress of Solitude by clicking and revealing the logos to win cash prizes and some big multipliers. If the roulette gods are with you, and you uncover four superman icons, you’ll get a second bite at the game with higher value prizes to make your own.

The DC Super Heroes Jackpot certainly brings some big bucks appeal with it, as this is a series of progressive jackpots that accumulate across their games, thus the big payout potential. Playing this DC titled game means that you can opt in (or out) of the jackpot feature. If you want to win, you need to bump up your bet by 1%. This extra cost may get you into the winner’s enclosure: let’s see if you can bring home the bacon, the big prize money.

There are four increasing jackpots in the running from the Mini, to the Minor, Major and Grand. The minimum win for the Grand pot is a highly tempting €200,000.

This is how it works: after any game at random you may find the jackpot feature triggered. There’s a picking game where you click energy balls to reveal different coloured balls and different numbers of these are needed to activate one of the four jackpots. The great news is, if you’re in the jackpot mode and you manage to randomly trigger the feature, there’s a guaranteed win. Your picks will unlock which pot of cash will be yours.


Superman Roulette delivers all the quality and thrills you’d expect from this big name mash up. Apart from perfect Superman styling, the bonus games offer some potentially massive rewards and a neat way to enhance a roulette game that is already first class. Super strength gaming fun.