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Video Roulette

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Play Video Roulette from Titan Bet Casino.
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How to Play Video Roulette

You can’t get a more authentic looking roulette then Titan Bet’s video roulette. Well, maybe Iron Dog 3D European Roulette comes close, but Video Roulette shades it. How does this work? Well, they record video clips of the ball landing in each pocket, and then the game randomly returns your result, based on exactly the same probabilities as a real roulette wheel- then loads the corresponding video.

So you are not actually seeing a live game, but a recording of one. This might not be for everyone, but in actual fact, it returns exactly the same odds as any other virtual roulette game- the only difference is that it looks nicer!

Video Roulette Has La Partage

One thing we really like about this game, is that Video Roulette plays La Partage. That means, when the ball heads in to the zero pocket (which is normally when your face drops unless you happen to be betting on Voisin du Zero or something), you get half your bet back on even money bets like red/black and even/odd. This reduces the house edge down to 1.3%, the same as many French Roulette games. It’s a very simple design (not as clean and simple as Gamevy roulette, but not far off either, and with a few more features).

Personal History

Another neat feature is that the Game stats only tracks the games that you have played. There’s a heat map and a stats display so that you can see exactly where the ball has dropped in your session. It’s a very immersive experience with plenty of features, but they have designed it well so that it doesn’t feel cluttered.
The heat map is pretty cool- it displays over the actual betting layout so you can lay your bets down easily if you are going for hot or cold numbers. And the stats pop-up show you the percentages for all the numbers, again so that you can spot the repeaters.

Other Features

You can also speed up the action in Turbo Mode and there is also a Double Bet option which players who like the Martingale Roulette System will like. Click on the “Special Button” to bring up the more complex bets like Finale Cheval Plein, Les Voisin du Zero, and Les Orphelins among others.
Click on “Hot” or “Cold” to automatically cover 4 numbers in each category (single number bets).
Pretty comprehensive!


Not everyone will like the fact that this plays recorded videos back at you. But think about it- the odds are the same, you just get a more lifelike game. The design and features on this game are some of the best we have seen, and they are neatly tucked away so that the game doesn’t feel cluttered. This is one of our favourite online roulette games!