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3D European Roulette (Iron Dog)

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Check out Iron Dog 3D European Roulette below (demo clip).
Iron Dog Studio is a new brand of online casino games within the 1X2 NETWORK.

Iron Dog 3D European Roulette

This ultra-smooth roulette game is a beauty to look at and play. Some would say it’s even better than the real thing!

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This European Roulette variant from Iron Dog is one of the prettiest we have seen on the market- and we have seen a few!

The croupier’s voice though- what’s going on there?! She has a very clipped transatlantic accent that sounds a bit like Tintin off the Thunderbirds. Anyway, it made us chuckle! The background music as you load it up is a very funky jazz number.

The first thing you’ll see is the betting table, very nicely laid out in a simple, sophisticated design. This would be a good game to test the Square Roulette system on. There’s also a racetrack area for those more exotic bets like Voisins, Tiers and so on.

To place a bet, just go ahead and select a chip and hover over the table- you’ll see the various bets highlighted, depending on where your cursor is. There are double up, re-bet and cancel buttons down below to help you bet easily. All in all, we found the betting table well laid out and we didn’t make any mistakes. It’s all very clear – as easy to play as Gamevy European Roulette with a few more features.

The Spin

Once you have made your bets, hit SPIN and the view swipes across to the wheel with a nice betting table graphic on the side with a ticker showing the numbers that are spinning on the wheel (in the desktop version at least). This is a nice touch. The wheel spin is ultra-smooth and one of the most realistic representations of a real wheel that we have seen- although the spin is much faster than you’d see at a land-based casino- but then many people play virtual roulette over live roulette games because it’s faster.

At the end of the spin, the result is called, and all the chips are cleared from the table (which gets a big thumbs up from us. It annoys us when the winning chips are left on the table- very presumptuous to think that you’s want to let your bet ride!). You can change this in the settings- just hit the 3 bar menu at the top of the game.

On subsequent spins, you have the option of repeating your bet (Re-bet) or doubling your bet (Re-bet x 2) which will please those of you who like to play Martingale systems (although it’s not going to help you out on the Triple Martingale).

History and Stats

On the left of the game, you’ll see the historical results off the table and if you hit the statistics tab at the top, you’ll see an overlay of all the hot and cold numbers on the table. We’d have like to have seen more graphical stats though.

On the outside bets, you’ll see percentages on the various bets which will tell you how often those zones have cropped up- again, another nice touch that is unique to this variant we think.


In the setting menu, you can customise the speed of the game, turn the sounds on and off and vary the number of spins that generate the hot and cold numbers. You can also see a breakdown of your bets

La Partage

We’ve saved the best until last! Irondog 3D European Roulette plays La Partage, which means that you get 50% of your even money bets back (like red/black) if the ball lands in zero. This is a great feature that you normally only see on French Roulette games and means that the pay-out on the game is increased from 97.3 to 98.65 when you play the even money bets.


A very nice variant- 3d European Roulette from Iron Dog sits between a simple beginners game and a pro table with more of the unusual call bets on it. This game does have a racetrack, but only for Voisins, Orphelins and Tiers.

It’s very smooth though, and a lovely design both on larger and smaller screens. Plus- the pièce de résistance- it plays La Partage which gets the house edge down to 1.35% on the even money bets- that’s around the same house edge as many blackjack variants which are traditionally seen as the low house edge games in a casino.