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Money Back Roulette

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Best Casinos For Money Back Roulette

Money Back Roulette

Money Back Roulette is a great little roulette variant that has been developed by a company called Cayetano.

This software development company was bought by Paddy Power, so the games are exclusively available on the Paddy Power Roulette section on the Games tab.

If you have been browsing around you´ll know that we are big fans of French Roulette- particularly games that offer La Partage which give you half your even money bet back if the ball lands in the zero pocket. This gives a RTP% of 98.65% which is approaching the odds you´ll get on baccarat and blackjack.

Well, that´s basically what Money Back Roulette does as well- plays La Partage. The only difference is that the betting layout is along the lines of European Roulette- it´s the English rather than the French design.

This game works well on mobiles. We have had some problems playing it on a Chrome browser on a desktop. Internet Explorer seems to work fine- there must be some bug in the HTML5, or maybe it´s a problem with the version we are using.

Best Casinos For Money Back Roulette

There´s only one! Money Back Roulette is exclusive to Paddy Power Games.


Money Back Roulette has a simple layout that works really well on smaller screens like phone and tablets. It makes an excellent choice for iPad and iPhone roulette. When you play it on a desktop, we have had problems on Chrome, but it seems to work fine on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, which is a bit weird.

Despite the clean, uncluttered design, they have still managed to fit in a racetrack betting area, you can make all of the Call Bets like Orphelins and Neighbors of Zero.

There is a Double Bet option which will please Martingale players and a stats button which even shows your luckiest number- this takes a few spins to compute, obviously.

The only slightly confusing thing we found was that you have to hit the NEW BET+ button at the end of the spin to get back to the betting table for your next bet. Once you have figured that out though, it´s all good!