Dragon Jackpot

Dragon Jackpot Roulette

Dragon JAckpot RouletteJoin a game of Dragon Jackpot Roulette and apart from a good ol’ game of European roulette, enjoy  the twist of having two potentially lucrative extra elements- the temping Dragon Bonus and Dragon Jackpot at your fingertips.

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Look and feel

Dragon Jackpot Roulette takes place on a European wheel with the usual 37 alternate coloured pockets.

Here the player is delivered straight to the Orient, to a swanky casino where at the top of the screen you can see a glossy Asian-styled set up-think gold and dragons! It's the kind of game you'd expect to do well in the top 10 casinos in Macau - it would maybe even give baccarat a run for its money.

The lower portion of the screen is your smart playtable. Here, the easy to use set up is pretty straight forward.

Dragon Roulette

There are plenty of games on the market like Chinese Roulette (a land-based variant) with an Asian flair and this Dragon game fits nicely into this category. It’s on the right of this playtable where you’ll find the Dragon Jackpot written in a red box, if you click this you’re taken to a big bucks progressive jackpot game. To the left of the playtable is a golden button to start the Dragon Bonus game.

On the right of the wheel you can check out the table history and check your stats and there are four handy buttons for reset, double and spin, bonus bet and re-bet and spin.

On the left of the wheel you are given a window with a close up of where the ball lands, so that you don’t have to get dizzy chasing the ball with your eyes! This is also where your chips are stacked.

Enjoy the oriental-style music that accompanies play- it’s pretty standard and not distracting thankfully!


This is a straight forward game to play. Just pop those chips onto the bet table below the wheel and you’re ready to get spinning, just click the spin button. All the usual European bets, there’s the option to open a racetrack if you want to place more complex bets, but if you’re playing this game you’re here for the extras!

Enter the dragon!

If you choose to play the Dragon Bonus you can place special chips on your numbers of choice (up to 12), if the ball lands on your number then you activate this element of the game, which comes in two stages. First you’ll come to an outer wheel which will set your odds, this stage gets you all set for stage two, so far so good.  The wheel offers Spin, Boost x2 or Three Pointers.
The Boost x2 will double the multiplier values in the next stage and wheel.

The 3 Pointers will add two further pointers to the next stage and a wheel which allows you to gain more multipliers.

And last but not least, the Spin which effectively takes you straight to the next stage and wheel without gaining extras.

Stage two and the inner wheel is where you make your dosh. Here on the inner wheel all the multipliers are found in different wheel segments with a x6 as a minimum and x20, a very attractive multiplier, up for grabs. Depending on the number of pointers you have, you may have gained two extra ones in the last stage, you will have between 1 and 3 pointers, you hit spin and each of these travels around the wheel, when the wheel stops the multipliers are added together to give you a potentially massive multiplier. Watch out for the welcome Respin that twirls around this inner wheel too, offering up even more winning chances for you.  For me this is the best part of this game and the reason to play with serious big win potential within your reach.

Jackpot genius?

There is also the tempting red Dragon Jackpot button, here you’ll enter the progressive jackpot feature which has four tempting prizes up for grabs, but clearly bigger bets mean bigger wins! After any spin, you can kick start this game by hitting the Dragon Jackpot button.

Here you will find a special jackpot wheel divided into ten different segments and each of these has a coloured icon which corresponds with the four different jackpot prizes. Spin the wheel and if you can land three matching jackpot prizes then you will receive that jackpot- now that’s generous!


Dragon Jackpot Roulette is a game that goes two better than the run of the mill game of European roulette, with its seriously high multipliers to lure us in and keep us playing. I loved this lucrative and exciting game and with its two stage bonus game which was my favourite, it offers something different as well as something that has real big money potential.