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Top 10 Casinos in Macau

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Macau Cotai

It’s not for nothing that Macau is termed the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’, and as roulette fans around the world know, this autonomous region is famed for the amazing Cotai Strip which boasts enough casinos to make even an ardent gambler dizzy. So if you’re heading to Asia’s booming gambler’s paradise then here’s a handy guide to the top ten casinos you should be making a bee-line for! If you’re heading Stateside, don’t worry, as we also have a Top 10 Casinos in Las Vegas roulette guide which should come in handy.

Depending on what floats your boat you will be spoilt for choice in Macau, with gleaming high-tech casinos which embrace the very best in ultra-modern surroundings and gadgetry right through to those pleasure palaces that hark back to the heyday of Vegas in the 50’s and 60’s. The only thing you won’t find is a floating palace like the Amelia Belle Riverboat Casino in Louisiana, but don’t bet against them building one of those in the future- there’s plenty of water around.

It is worth noting that Baccarat is very popular in Macau and a lot of casino space across the board is given over to this game.

If you’re a fan of roulette like me, then it’s worth noting that in Macau roulette uses both double zero and single zero wheels which means that the house offers various odds. Try and hunt down the European wheels and remember to pack your Hong Kong dollars rather than Macau’s local currency the Pataca.

1. City of Dreams

Taking you straight to the new and shiny casinos on the block is the City of Dreams, Macau. This hotel casino offers the top of the tree in terms of a modern experience with all the amenities you’d dream of if you’re walking in millionaire’s shoes, including Michelin starred restaurants and some seriously smart accommodation on offer. This is a place with a younger, trendier vibe- this isn’t really a family spot although it’s a mecca to fine dining. With a dizzying 520 tables for gaming this place has a very large casino on offer with slot lovers amply catered for with 1350 machines! There’s even a special water show inside the casino-whatever next?

2. The Venetian

Venetian Macau

If you fancy a trip into the grandeur of the casinos of yesteryear on a super-luxurious and super scale then look no further than the grand-dame that is The Venetian, with the world’s biggest casino floor. It’s not the Casino di Venezia (which stars in our Top 10 Casinos in Europe article), but it’s pretty close!

As the name suggests, this place is modelled on the Italian city on water. This casino complex can even boat its very own gondola boats with singers to row you around the replica canal ways, now that’s ambitious! This place is huge; a grand folly and a glorious one at that, with a stack of fun away from the gambling tables and roulette wheels. Think mini-golf, swimming pools, a spa, a top end mall and two world-class music venues with top acts from around the world lured to its stages. And there’s Michelin starred cuisine on offer too. Back at the important end of the deal are 2,000 slot machines and tables games aplenty, all 640 of them!

3. The Wynn

Wynn Macau

The Wynn Palace is a place where the very high rollers tend to be found (minimum bets are at the higher end here) as this place really pushes the boat out when it comes to the five star treatment. After all, how often do you find a man-made “performance lake” attached to your casino? Gamers will feel well catered for here with 350 different tables up for grabs and for you slot lovers 1145 machines are on hand. For higher end rollers there are high-stakes tables, 6o of these, to make sure you get the experience you’re looking for. The only thing that’s missing is Live Lightning roulette with it’s multipliers that come in from 50x to 500x, but sadly that’s an online only game for the moment, so you will have to fire up your laptop for that one.

Naturally there’s a spa, world-class restaurants and all the other amenities that make this a global contender in the casino complex stakes.

4. The Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa Macau is another big player and this is the place that is really more of a home to serious casino-goers rather than attracting those looking for pure entertainment in town. This classic casino has been here since the 70’s and has plenty of fun over its four floors with 390 tables for gaming and a whopping 880 slots! Minimum roulette bets start at $20 which is pretty low and makes this a more accessible place to kick off your roulette play in Macau.

5. Four Seasons

The Four Seasons, as you’d expect from its sister casino hotels, has an exclusive atmosphere with no shortage of chandeliers and dramatic furnishings. This is one of the smaller spots compared to the behemoth competitors which makes it more of a high end choice. The casino is known for attracting higher rollers with two smart private rooms on hand, as part of over 10,000 meters of space for gaming.

6. MGM Grand

mgm grand macau

The established MGM Grand Casino Macau has just been joined by a newbie on the block with the opening of the The MGM Cotai. These two hotel casinos are as you’d expect from these guys, top end, luxurious, and also a great showcase for some globally renowned artworks. The new MGM Cotai boasts the world’s biggest largest LED video screen installation and keep your eyes open for a massive golden lion sculpture! There are 175 table games and a generous helping of slots with 1500 games terminals here for the fun of it.

The MGM Grand Casino Macau is a well-known spot for gamblers with its spacious 284,353 square feet dedicated to gambling making for a less crowded experience. If table games are your bag then there are a very competitive 400 at hand.

7. Sands

The Sands Macau is a biggie, as you’d expect from a Sands casino and here the casino has 200 gaming tables, but this is one of the more affordable places to play with a huge array of games on offer to suit even the careful novice. There are slot games too with 1000 to give a spin.

8. The Parisian

The Parisian Macau is a homage to Paris, the City of Love, here you have a casino hotel than can even boasts a half-size Eiffel Tower- although there are no half measures here! The famed Versaille Palace is the inspiration for the décor and this same grandeur is seen in the casino which has 400 gaming tables to offer its guests and 2500 gambling machines for those whose passions lay away from the green baize. At the roulette tables the minimum bets are low at $25 and $100 for Inside and Outside bets respectively- there are some tables with higher minimums on offer too.

There’s even access to a water park – is there nothing these guys haven’t thought of!

9. Studio City

And last, but not least is Studio City, which is a pretty new player on the block and which is memorable for its Ferris wheel standing out front of the art deco style hotel casino. This place is themed by movies but the star of the show is the focus on the gambling with a garish casino offering 160 gaming tables including roulette. Here minimum bets are $50 and $200 for Inside and Outside bets respectively. And there are over 700 electronic slots if that’s your bag. There is also a 52 table private room for the privacy seeking gambler.

This former Portuguese colony has just the right mixture of Chinese style and a serious dedication to high end luxury, and the world-class gambling makes a visit to Macau a must.