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Four Seasons, Macau

Online Roulette Guide

four seasons macauConsidered by many to be the jewel of Macau’s Cotai Strip, The Four Seasons is part of that global brand that’s earned a reputation for being the height of luxury and service. All of it is hard earned which makes this opulent hotel a welcome addition to the Strip’s growing competition, which can only be good for the gamblers amongst us.

Let’s face it any strong competition to the likes of the St Regis Macau on the Strip is good when it comes in such a gorgeous package! With its Portuguese old world styling combined with the best of Asian flare this place certainly has high-end ambiance down to a tee. Think 5 star and then you’re there! The Four Seasons isn’t a place for those of you hunting the big brashy fun that’s easy to find in Macau and is more of a Vegas vibe; this hotel casino comes with a calmer and more discerning atmosphere. It doesn’t quite hit the heights of the Casino Cafe de Paris in Monaco, but then this is Southern China!

Plaza Casino certainly has its appeal with some high limits to lure a certain type of gambler into this sumptuous hang out. If you’re into playing with the big boys and girls the minimum bets for the table games are certainly on the steeper side encouraging a more VIP type of vibe to the casino’s clientele, but also making a bigger hole in your pot for fun; although the rewards can be that much more welcome when they come in.

If you’re a roulette lover like me, then expect to pay $200 minimum to get involved. This is one of the cheaper table games to play, but if blackjack is your sweet spot then be prepared to shell out $500 to start the party! Let’s hope Lady Luck is with you with those kind of figures involved. On the other hand, if you are looking for somewhere to score the biggest roulette win on the planet, the table limits at the Four Seasons will certainly allow you to have a shot at it!

High Table Limits

4 seasons macauThe Plaza’s high table minimums lead to a less crowded casino floor which is a plus for some, if you want buzzy and hectic then this isn’t the place for you. If you’re in the really high rollers category then there are even private invite only villas where you can hit those high notes in private.

If you’re happy to pay and play at this price tag then, unsurprisingly, there is delicious complimentary food and drinks on offer, including some very smart alcoholic ones – which is something of a rarity in this town when it comes to freebies! Now with all those tasty extras you’re sure to keep up the stamina to stay at the roulette wheel!

If you’re not satisfied by those complimentary refreshments on hand you will find it hard to resist the charms of the two Michelin starred Zi Yat Heen restaurant which offers Cantonese food to literally die for but at the price that will also take your breath away.

Four Courses at the Four Seasons

If you’re not keen on taking the dining to the haute cuisine level and spending your winnings this way, you might be tempted by the Belcanção buffet which offers a range of international cuisine and there’s a bunch more fancy eateries too. If you want to grab a cocktail between making a killing on the roulette wheel then there are spots like Bar Azul where you can take a relaxing break from the table game action.

four seasons macau swimming poolHaving wiped the floor with the competition at the roulette wheel you might be happy to kick back, and there can be few places where this task could be quite such a pleasure with the Four Seasons offering a world-class spa that could make you so relaxed you might just forget to get back to the table play!

If you’re a water lover you’ll find the generous helping of five pools a real treat and there’s even a mega luxurious lagoon pool on offer to help you unwind from making all that dosh in the Plaza Casino.

It’s hard to find fault with such a high-end hotel and casino. The only downside is if you’re looking for the brashy buzz that’s plentiful elsewhere on the strip then the calm oasis of the Four Season’s and its Plaza Casino may not be the place for you.