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Porto Carras Grand Resort

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Porto Carras Grand Resort, Greece

porto carras

When most people think of Greece they think of a sandy beach and blue sea, Ouzo and delicious Moussaka. What might not spring to mind is the one of Europe’s best located casinos- welcome to Porto Carras Grand Resort!

Northern Greece’s gambling gem, only a short distance from the country’s second city Thessaloniki, provides an idyllic setting for breaking the bank at the table games- happy days roulette fans. After all who doesn’t need 9 kilometres of beach to explore between table games?

This is a casino planted slap bang in the middle of some of the most beautiful landscape imaginable with a mega 1,763 hectares of resort on hand to lure you away from the big city and into the wild, but don’t expect an ancient construction- this is a place that has firmly paid homage to some of the modern world’s more brutalist concrete architecture.

Porto Carras CasinoThe perfection of the setting is not the only attraction that this big resort has to offer. Porto Carras is not a flash in the pan, it offers its gambling guests two very different experiences to try which will either delight or disappoint gambling fans.

For the roulette player who prefers a more intimate game then there’s the new and alluring Meliton Privé Casino. Here is a place put together for the big boys and girls of the gambling circuit. This new part of the resort is all about making sure that games can be played in greater privacy and in the kind of luxury that comes with being somewhere so well designed for its high roller clientele. For the fans of roulette there are three gaming tables on offer here and if you feel like changing up your game then there’s blackjack and poker on offer as well.

In contrast to the resort’s more up market casino there is also Casino Sithonia which offers something a little less rarefied and more lively. Casino Sithonia has apparently been inspired by the brash and bold casinos that are more commonly found in the US. Roulette players can crack on at a game of American roulette at a respectable six tables, not bad, and did we mention that there’s a whole lot of slot action going on here?

If you like to take your roulette game into a more techy world then Porto Carras can spoil you with Touch Bet Roulette on offer too. Simply enjoy your roulette game on a slot, with your own personal console to place your lucky numbers, but enjoy the atmosphere and spectacle of the machines being linked to a physical roulette wheel to make for a slam dunk of a combination. There are eight of these games up for grabs and they make for an intriguing break from the using the formal game.

The casino floor at Porto Carras is a biggie with a pretty amazing 130 table games to distract you from all that sandy fun outside. As you’d expect in a casino resort this place is busy but it also has been designed well enough to make it feel vibrant but not over busy.

If you’re one of those who like to try out the wider offer then there is a dedicated poker room to be tried alongside regular tournaments too.

These guys do keep an eye on the clientele so if you’re under 21 years of age don’t expect a warm welcome – Porto Carras likes to keep it games on the grown up side.

The only grumble is that despite its five star rating the accommodation on offer is a bit varied with smarter suites and then more average hotel rooms available and these are quite different. If money is no object, the suites offer a better all-round level of facilities for guests and likewise expect two quite different casinos depending on your budget; but all in all Porto Carras Grand Resort offers its guest just the right taste of Greek hospitality and table gaming fun.