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Most Remote Casinos

Online Roulette Guide

The world’s most remote casinos for roulette

For those of you who like to take your table games off the beaten track, there are a host of far-flung spots around the globe where you can try your hand at making some dosh at the roulette wheel or card table.

You don’t have to be an intrepid explorer or Indiana Jones to make your way to the world’s most remote casinos, but a spirit of adventure is a must! If you know your Turkmenistan from your Pacific Islands then you won’t need a map to take your game play onto the wild side of the tracks! Unless you are of the opinion that online roulette is more random– then you’ll probably stay right where you are and play at home.


alaska rouletteWho could resist a journey to the land of the Midnight Sun, Alaska? And remote, snowy or icy, doesn’t get much better than a casino located on the Alaskan island of Atka, found in south west Alaska. Discover the Atka Ira Council Casino.

Apart from the icy conditions, this is a country which can offer some seriously long daylight hours in the summer, plus those endless winter nights to cosy up next to a new friend, and take the best seat in the house for endless hours of gambling pleasure. Even up here though, make sure you keep it fun! (The roulette we mean).

If you’re really trying to get away from the glitz and show time element of Las Vegas type casino life, then the fishing island’s Atka Ira Council Casino might be just “the hard to reach” spot for you! Bingo is king of the games here, but there are a few table games to give you a thrill-if you can get onto the island!

US Virgin Islands

If warmer climes are essentials must then you might want to set your compass for the, in the US Virgin Islands. Here you can enjoy the unadulterated pleasure of having a view over Divi Carina Bay All Inclusive Beach Resort and Casino the jaw-droppingly lovely Grapetree Beach, while you partake in the pleasures of some Caribbean gambling!

St. Croix, where the casino is found, is renowned for great diving so if you want to take a break from the big sharks playing the table games, you can take a dip in the tempting Caribbean Sea! You’ll have to plan your trip in advance however, these guys are giving their resort a makeover so just wait to see the treats they have in store when they reopen in 2019.

In the ‘Stans

Turkmenistan casinoFor those of you who know your “´Stans,” right up there on the remote casino list has to be The Grand Casino, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. This central Asian country is hemmed in by Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and has a serious amount of natural gas on offer as well as the impressively massive Karakum Desert.

If you’re looking for a gambling oasis, then head for The Grand Casino, a modern gambling spot, within the Sheraton Grand Turkman Hotel. At the Grand Casino you can wander through the 150 gaming machines and 13 gaming tables that are here for your delectation. If you want to take a break from the casino action, you can take to the tennis court, swimming pool or get spoilt at the health club. It’s none too shabby!

Road to Burma

allure burmaFor a tropical background to game play there’s the remote Allure Resort, Tachileik, in Myanmar. Here the border town of Tachileik, in eastern Myanmar, was once famed for its role in the infamous drug trade of the Golden Triangle, but times have moved on. You can try your luck in this small casino with 16 playing tables at your fingers tips and for the slot lovers amongst you there are 150 machines to have a crack at. If you’re into roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker or the Asian game of Sic Bo then all your gambling desires can be satisfied right here!

African Adventure

Nelspruit casinoFor spoiling your inner gambling beast how about taking a whirl on big selection of slots and tables games you can find at the Emnotweni Casino, near the Nespruit Mountain in the spectacular South Africa? We already have a review on the Rio Casino in the same country, but this one is the place to go if you like your casinos off the beaten track. If you need some down time from the breathtaking views and the 10 play tables loaded with roulette and blackjack, then you could always take a chance to see some other big beasts in action at the Kruger National Park, just a stone’s throw from this magical mountainside location.

So you see, making a killing on the table-games doesn’t have to just be confined to the big boy casinos of Las Vegas, there are a host of rare finds in the form of the wild and outlandish casinos scattered around the far-flung corners of the globe, so don’t miss out on hitting the open road to adventure!