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The Venetian Las Vegas

Online Roulette Guide

There are 2 Venetian Casinos on the planet. One is in Las Vegas, and the other one is in Macau.

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This casino resort is the epitome of Las Vegas: it’s unapologetically massive. The rooms are huge. Even the “small” ones come in at around 650 square feet (you can imagine what the suites are like). Whereas the Las Vegas Bellagio tries hard to be sophisticated, the Venetian just lets it all hang out. Vegas style. The Venetian even makes the Luxor Las Vegas seem small, and that’s saying something.

There are more than 20 high end restaurants, with some star chefs in attendance. Then there are the gondola rides through the resort, a luxury shopping mall that seems endless and the whole place is awash with entertainment and gaming tables.

It’s right in the middle of the strip, so it can feel busy (with guests and day visitors). The restaurants and the world famous spa are the stand out features, plus the large rooms of course.

These themed resorts may not be to everyone’s liking, but if you want to immerse yourself and just go for the full Vegas experience, you’ll certainly get it at the Venetian. It’s not classy, but then what did you expect in Las Vegas? It’s over the top entertainment on a grand scale. You might never find your way out!

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Playing Roulette at the Venetian Las Vegas

Most of the tables have a $10 minimum (with chips down to $1) or a $20 minimum bet (with $5 chips). These are minimum bets per spin. If you want to bet lower, you can always play on the video roulette machines- there are plenty of those around too.

The big thing that you need to watch out for in Las Vegas is the wide distribution of American Roulette tables. I guess you’d expect that, as you’re in Vegas, but personally speaking we don’t like playing on a double zero wheel. The house edge is 5.26% versus 2.6% on a European wheel with one zero. It’s a no brainer to hunt down the single zero wheels. I guess that’s because the main table game in town in craps.

In the Palazzo, head for the main pit near the baccarat tables for single zero roulette. The table minimums are $25 or $100.

In the Venetian, there is also European roulette in the main pit (again near the baccarat tables). The table minimums are the same. They may open one up in the high limit area if there is sufficient demand.

The maximum bet? $10,000 on the regular tables, higher in the VIP areas. That´s for outside bets.

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You can also play mobile roulette and other casino games while you move about the Venetian and The Palazzo on their Pocketcasino gaming.
You just need to pick up a Pocketcasino gaming device at Pocketcasino central in The Palazzo Casino (near the Laguna Champagne Bar) or Pocketcasino central in The Venetian (near the Grazie desk).
We see this as more of a gimmick to be honest- we didn’t try it.


This is a Las Vegas mega resort – so there is plenty to do even if you don’t gamble. There are lots of shops and a stunning pool deck. There’s a Venetian Canal for gondola rides, a Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and a Sephora cosmetics store.

It’s all been inspired by Venice and with over 5,000 rooms, it clocks in as one of the biggest casino hotels in the US. High Rollers will head to the Venezia, where the rooms are even crazier. And to top it off, there’s a hotel next door that’s called the Palazzo with over 3000 rooms. The Palazzo standard rooms are even bigger than the Venetian, would you believe. Expect lots of flat screen TVs (even in the bathroom), and flash decor.

You’ll be gazing out of floor-to-ceiling windows, and sleeping in Egyptian cotton sheets. The only disappointment in the room was the WIFI. The service is fine, you just have to pay for it, which we thought was a cheek. Why not just stick it on the bill?

Swimming Pool

Outside the pool is a swish pool area complete with kids-free zone. There’s an amazing spa and a fitness centre that your mind will boggle at. If you get tired of the Venetian pool, don’t fret- there are seven more that you can use in the Palazzo, the Venetian’s sister hotel! Mind you, we had a swimming pool in our room when we went to the Galaxy Macau Casino. But then I think we got an upgrade.

The Spa is also a big pull. It’s the world famous Canyon Ranch Spa where you can get a day pass for many of the facilities.

Then in true Vegas style, there are a whole bunch of additional “must-do” treatments that may leave a hole in your pocket.


The Venetian is an out and out Las Vegas mega-resort. Head here for the full, over the top Vegas experience, the restaurants, the spas and big rooms. Purely for playing roulette we’d head for the MGM, the Mirage and the Aria. The Bellagio and Wynn are better for high rollers, but they do have a $100 table minimum here.

For our money, the Venetian doesn´t have enough European Roulette tables (only 1 plus another in the Palazzo). But it’s a fantastic experience even so.