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Outside Bets

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This includes bets like Red/Black, Odd/Even, Columns and Dozens etc

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What is an Outside Bet in Roulette?

outside bet roulette

A roulette Outside Bet is not the same wager you will find in horse racing which is a long shot- a bet on a horse that has odds of 100:1, for example.

On a roulette table, this term has an entirely different meaning, and refers to the bets that sit outside the central number bets on a roulette table (the Inside Bets).

Examples of Outside Bets include Odd, Even, Red, Black, 1-18, 19-36, Columns, Dozens etc. An Outside Bet in roulette generally has a greater chance of dropping in as you are covering more of the numbers on the roulette wheel on the table. But the pay-off is lower.

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List of Outside Bets

The Outside Bets consist of the following:

Even Money Bets– a win pays out 1:1
– Table coverage 48.6% (European) or 47.4% (American).
– Red/Black
– Odd/Even
– 1-18/19-36

Dozens– pays 2:1
Table coverage 32.4% (European) or 31.6% (American).
– 1st 12
– 2nd 12
– 3rd 12

Columns– pays 2:1
Table coverage 32.4% (European) or 31.6% (American).
As above, but the columns.

Roulette Table WIth Outside Bets Marked in Yellow

outside bets

When Should You Play Outside Bets?

Outside bets are a convenient way of getting your table coverage up quickly (and thus your odds). The house advantage for inside and outside bets is the same, so you will have exactly the same chance of winnings playing red, as you would by playing 18 different straight up bets (inside bets), for example, but you will be able to make lower bets playing the outside bets. The risk is lower. Many systems like the Whittacker System use outside bets like the even money or column bets.

By all means, play some of the riskier Inside bets (ie collections of individual numbers), but we´d always advise at least to weight your bets towards the outside bets. Make sure you have a good sprinkling of them in your session. Many popular systems such as the Martingale System and the Law of the Third use Outside Bets (even money bets generally for the Marty and Columns or Dozens for the Law of the Third System.

Roulette Tip: Outside Bets

Outside Bets Roulette Tip

The columns and dozens bets are two types of Outside Bets in roulette that cover the same percentage of table across different numbers. This makes them useful for mixing things up if you want to cover a third or two thirds of the table. You just need to flip between dozens and columns to break up your play pattern.

It can also be quite interesting to play a dozen bet and a column bet. This will reduce your overall coverage on the table as you will have overlapped some numbers, but it means that some numbers will pay out on both bets if they come in.

Pros and Cons

  • A quick way of increasing your table coverage
  • Increases your odds of winning versus, say, a single number bet.
  • Many variations so you can mix it up
  • Lower volatility means a lower payout. Red/Black pays our even money for example (1:1)
  • Remember the zero pocket. That’s what gives the house its edge!

The Best Casino and Variant to play Outside Bets in roulette?

All casinos give you the opportunity to play outside bets: it´s such a basic bet (unlike say a Call Bet like Jeu Zero). Play these bets at All British Casino on European Roulette or play French Roulette for La Partage Rule on your even money bets.


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