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Street Bet

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A bet on 3 numbers on a roulette wheel.

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The Street Bet is an Inside Bet on 3 numbers which pays out 11 to 1 if you win. It’s also called Transversale Plein in French roulette. This is a so called “Inside Bet” (like the Split Bet and the Corner Bet) because you place your chips “inside” the number zone on a roulette table.

It’s also known as a Row Bet or a Line Bet (but not to be confused with the Six Line Bet).

street bet roulette

An example would be a bet on 10,11,12 or 28,29,30. To place a Street Bet, place your chip at the end of a row of 3 numbers as shown above. You can use these kinds of bets in the 3 Quadrant Strategy.

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Win Probability

If you place a Street Bet on a European Wheel, you have a 3:37 chance of winning (8.1%) or 1:12.3
On an American Wheel, your odds are 3:38 for each Street Bet (7.9%) or 1:12.7.

The difference between the odds and the payout is the house edge.

If you want to cover more numbers, but don’t want to go up to a six-line bet, you can cover 4 with the Finales en Plein bets.

House Advantage

The House Advantage on this is equal to the House Edge you get on the other main roulette bets: 5.26% for American Roulette (2 zero pockets) and 2.63% in a single zero European Roulette Wheel. The only exception to this House Edge rule, is the 5 Number Bet which is a bet you can only make in Double Zero Roulette (American).

The Best Casino and Variant To Play The Street Bet?

This is a standard bet like a Columns Bet, or a Dozens Bet. Play it on a European Roulette variant for the best odds, such as European Roulette Gold over at Betfair.