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Street Bet

Online Roulette Guide

A bet on 3 numbers on a roulette wheel.
Adjacent numbers on the table (not the wheel).

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What is a Street Bet?

The Street Bet in roulette is an Inside Bet on 3 numbers which pays out 11 to 1 if you win (you also get your original bet back). It’s also called Transversale Plein in French roulette. This is an “Inside Bet” (like the Split Bet and the Corner Bet) because you place your chips “inside” the number zone on a roulette table.

Well, it’s on the edge really, but it is categorised as an Inside Bet.

street bet roulette

It’s also known as a Row Bet or a Line Bet (but not to be confused with the Six Line Bet). A “street” is a line of 3 numbers on roulette tables.

An example would be a bet on 10,11,12 or 28, 29, 30. To place a Street Bet, place your chip at the end of a row of 3 numbers as shown above. You can use these kinds of bets in the 3 Quadrant Strategy.

Street Bet Tip

Bet on multiple streets to cover more table. This will allow you to mix it up a bit, rather than always betting on larger outside bets like Red or Black. If you bet on 6 streets, you will cover just under 50% of the table (remember there is also a zero pocket), and this will allow you to randomise your bets from spin to spin.

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Win Probability

If you place a Street Bet on a European Wheel, you have a 3:37 chance of winning (8.1%) or 1:12.3
On an American Wheel, your odds are 3:38 for each Street Bet (7.9%) or 1:12.7.

The difference between the odds and the payout is the house edge.

If you want to cover more numbers, but don’t want to go up to a six-line bet, you can cover 4 with the Finales en Plein bets. or make a Corner Bet.

street bets roulette
Covering half the wheel with Street Bets

Street Bet House Advantage

The House Advantage on the Street bet is equal to the House Edge you get on the other main roulette bets: 5.26% for American Roulette (2 zero pockets) and 2.63% in a single zero European Roulette Wheel.

The only exception to this House Edge rule, is the 5 Number Bet which is a bet you can only make in Double Zero Roulette (American). We would advise that you avoid this one as the odds are worse.

Pros and Cons

  • A fast way of covering 3 numbers.
  • Make Multiple Split Bets to cover more table and mix it up.
  • The standard house edge applies.
  • A single Split Bet doesn’t cover much table (only around 8%)

The Best Casino and Variant To Play The Street Bet?

This is a standard bet like a Columns Bet, or a Dozens Bet. Play it on a European Roulette variant for the best odds, such as Switch Studios Roulette over at All British Casino.



  • What is another name for the Street Bet?
    It is also known as a Triple Bet, Trio, Side Bet or the Transversal on a French table. I have also heard it called a Row Bet.
  • Is the Street Bet a high variance bet?
    If you only bet on one street, then yes, it’s pretty volatile. That’s to say, there will be substantial gaps between wins, but it does pay out at 11-1 (plus you get your original bet back). You can always bet on multiple streets to reduce the volatility (lower variance.)


Street Bet
Numbers Covered
No. of Street Bets on Table
Win probability European
8.1% (3:37)
Win probability American
7.9% (3:38)
House Edge European
House Edge American
11:1 (plus your bet back)
Strategy Use
3 Quadrant, Martingale
High (for single Streets)