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Roulette Tables

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Best Roulette Tables Online

So, what would you need if you wanted to set up a roulette table in your front room? Well, you’d need a licence of course if you wanted to offer real money games, but what if you wanted to just have a bit of fun and get your friends round for a roulette night with demo chips?

Most people think of the wheel when they think of roulette equipment- and rightly so, because without a decent wheel, you are not going to get far setting up a roulette room.

But equally important, is a decent roulette table. If the wheel isn’t positioned exactly level, and the table isn’t sturdy enough to stand a few knows and nudges from players who have just missed their bet of a life-time, you won’t be able to guarantee a fair and un biased game of roulette.

The Finest Roulette Tables

So who makes the best roulette tables? We’d say TCSJohnHuxley has a claim too be one of the very best suppliers. They are well known for their craftsmanship in this area and have a world class manufacturing base with a long history of designing, making and installing live table roulette furniture.

If you are going for a pro-table, look out for the following features:

Solid legs for stability, either H”-style, “X”-style, or barrel base style.
Adjustable feet for fine tuning the level of the table (you’ll need a powerful spirit level for this- preferably electronic!
Premium wool or KRE8 synthetic cloth on the betting table.
Underlay – go for foam or wool for a super premium feel.
Arm rest – always choose leather!
Install drink rails and holders.
Make sure you have a foot-rail in brass or chrome.

The super premium tables even come with integrated electronics for added security and to display the results.


You’d be amazed at some of the kit you can order these days with a 5* roulette table.

You can install dealer consoles, security systems and PC/tablet/smartphone controller units set into the design. These days you can pretty much order whatever comes into your head, with more and more tables linked in online so that the table doubles up as a live roulette studio for those player that are playing online or even on their phones.

Blaze- The Ultimate Roulette Table?

If you really want to impress your mates, you could buy a TCSJohnHuxley Blaze which we’d say is the ultimate games room piece of kit. This is every bit the Smart Roulette Table.

It comes with a system of LED lights to turbo charge the entertainment levels! Winning runs light up the table surface, and prompts players with messages such as “Place Your Bets”, “No More Bets” and “Good Luck”, plus it displays winning numbers with funky animations. Each winning number lights up- you can also hook it up to a TCSJOHNHUXLEY e-FX™ display for the full multi-media rich roulette experience.