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TCS John Huxley

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TSC John Huxley roulette wheels- if you know anything about kitting out casinos, you’ll know this company. We have already made a case for the best roulette wheel in the world- we reckon it’s a Cammegh. But are we right? They have some pretty stiff competition from this company.

The TCS John Huxley Saturn 2

tcs johnhuxley saturn roulette wheel

The latest TCS John Huxley roulette wheel is the Saturn 2. They also make the best roulette tables, by the way. This even gives Cammegh’s Mercury 360 a run for its money. This wheel has more technology in it that you can shake a stick at. Let’s take a look.

Drop Zone Detection

All Saturn 2™ wheels have something called a ‘Drop Zone Detection’ sensor, which basically monitors the wheel for non-random results- this is so the casinos can quickly detect problems arising from any biased roulette wheels out there. Good for the casino, bad for the imperfect wheel spotters!

If the wheel is not perfectly balanced, the wheel will pick it up through its sensors. It will also pick up any funny stuff going on with croupiers trying to knock the table or manipulate the wheel. If the track inclination changes, or there is a sudden change in the rotor speed, the wheel will also sense this. It’s ultra high tech.

The Velstone™ Ball Track

The ball track is made out of a material called Velstone™, which limits any wear and tear areas on the wheel, and again protects against wheels getting their own signature.

Data Logger

Then there’s the Data Logger which records all the winning numbers and makes the data available for display and analysis. This is the kind of information that Gonzo Garcia-Pelayo would have died for- it records winning numbers, when the ball is in rim, when No More Bets is called, the direction and speed of wheel, the ball drop zone and so on.

Traditional or Starburst® Separator

The Saturn 2 comes with either a traditional or Starburst® separator ring. The Starburst® separators (which is basically the side of the pockets) has been proven to be more random than any other low-profile roulette wheel. The pockets are triangular with low walls that increase the randomness, especially at low wheel speeds

All in all, this is an impressive piece of kit, but we stick with the Cammegh wheels for the title of best roulette wheels on the planet. They just look better and they come with options such as the Spreadbet roulette side bet.

When you understand all the technology and kit that goes into these wheels these days, you can understand why it’s getting more difficult to spot imperfect wheels that have hot zones. You can see why it’s not necessarily the best policy to play in the swankiest casinos, if this is your game. The casinos are on to it!

However, I can also see that all this use of high technology is making the casinos vulnerabble to hacks into their system, particularly if they are networking the data. Why measure the spin of the wheel when you can just hack in and get the data right off their system direct from the wheel’s sensors? But I guess they have thought of that.