Spreadbet Roulette

Here's an interesting roulette variant (well actually it's a side bet) that we have seen in a couple of casinos (although we haven't seen it online yet or as a flash roulette game). it's been developed by Cammegh who make high end roulette equipment for casinos around the world, and it's called Spreadbet Roulette. We haven't been able to find this anywhere online yet, but it's only a matter of time, we guess. There are 7 extra roulette side bets, offering you the chance to win a high payout on one spin of the wheel (the house edge also goes up by the way- which is common with these kinds of sidebets). 7 betting circles are added to the table layout, positioned next to the outside bets.


Spreadbet Roulette.

Here’s how to play.

There are 2 concentric rings on the wheel that spin in opposite directions. You place your chip on a spread of numbers (hence spread bet roulette). The whole game runs on Cammegh's Spread-Bet Roulette side bet, and the action unfolds on a Billboard Display System next to some of their physical wheels (which must have in rim sensors in them to track the rotor movement.

The concentric rings show the movement of the actual rotor on the roulette wheel (outer) and an additional bonus rotor (inner ring). The rings spin at different speeds and stop at 'No More Bets', at random. Then, when the ball actually lands in the physical wheel, the winning number is shown on the roulette ring and the number on the bonus inner ring which it came to a rest next to. You need to add these 2 results together and that is the winning Spread-Bet number. If you have bet on the winning Spread bet, the casino pays out on this side bet.

Cammegh do other side bets on their wheels like “Lucky Symbols” and “Double Shot”, again all designed for land based casinos.

The clever thing about the Spread-Bet Roulette side bet is its transparency. Results are derived directly from the actual physical roulette game.

You can place Spread-Bets on top of, or instead of traditional bets on the physical wheel.

What's the Payout on Spreadbet Roulette?
Well, any bets hitting the range of numbers in which the Spread-Bet result comes in are paid out that go up to 1200-1. The house edge is big on this bet! The best spread to try is 51-70, but that still has a house edge of 8.7% (compare that to 2.7% for European Roulette). The house edge on the 0-o spread is a whopping 12.3% (but then it does pay out at 1200:1.


Should You Play the Spread Bet Side Bet?
Don't make a habit of it- the house edge is to big. These bets are more like a "lottery punt".

Where to Play Spead Bet Roulette.
We haven't seen this side bet online yet- I guess it's just a matter of time. The closest thing we have seen is the IGT roulette variant: Three Wheel Roulette, which also runs multiple results on concentric wheels. You can play this at Moneygaming.