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Monopoly Live Roulette

The perfect mix of traditional roulette with the best board game ever: Monopoly!

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In a perfect mix of the best of board game with a spalsh of high tech online gaming comes Monopoly Live. This is a game that marries the king of Hasbro into the world of live casino gaming with a generous splash of 3D! If you like speciality games like World Cup Roulette you are going to like this one.

monopoly live casino

There are few games that stand the test of time but surely Monopoly, the property themed game, has such a global following that a live edition was just a matter of time.

In a fascinating pairing between mega games brand Hasbro and the leading name in live gambling, Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live has arrived, a massive hybrid of a game. I should think only Football Roulette is a bigger combo.

Look and Feel

Fans of Evolution Gaming titles and particularly the hit Dream Catcher game will be unsurprised to find themselves facing a super-sized segmented wheel and a host.

For roulette fans, the wheel and placing bets on a winning pocket or segments, will seem rather familiar and holds much of the same thrill on a different scale.

The smartly-attired host stands next to the wheel, ready to help you to hopefully spin your way to big money, just like in the better live roulette games.

Behind the wheel is the 3D landscape of the life sized Monopoly board game. This game has gone all out on keeping the best of the board game.

The key to this game’s success is in the clever details that have been borrowed from the board game an d adapted to the live game. You’ll spot the top hat and tails wearing character of Mr Monopoly joining the host.

Game Play

Casino Game Monoploy

The key to this game is that it uses a mega sized segmented wheel which is spun by a live host, and you try and you win by predicting which wheel segment the fixed marker will stop in. So far, so roulette-esque, or should we say Wheel of Fortunesque

The wheel also incorporates special bonus slices to spice up the game beyond predicting the winning segment.

There’s a “Chance” segment which will award a straight up money prize, or an enticing multiplier which is handed over by that dapper gent Mr Monopoly. If Lady Luck has blessed your gaming and you win a multiplier, this will be applied to your next spin on the wheel.

The Bonuses

If you’ve placed your bet on the special “2 Rolls” or “4 Rolls” segments of the wheel and these romp home you will have triggered a bonus game.

The bonus round takes you into a super whizzy augmented reality game, presided over by the virtual host with the most: Mr Monopoly.

Now you’ll enter a virtual world where Mr Monopoly will travel around an almost real enough to touch virtual gaming board.

The aim here is to collect the cash prizes and other treats like multipliers. Here too you’ll love the authentic board game touches like the including of the Jail, Community Chest and Super Tax elements.

This is a collaborative game, in that other people are playing with you. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to land either of the two trigger segments, there’s still the bonus game world to observe up close and marvel at. Unfortunately you just won’t be able to fill your bank balance in this bonus mode.

Naturally for a pairing of this scale, this new smash game comes in a number of different language variants so everyone can have a crack at it.


The great news about Monopoly Live is that it’s done justice to the classic board game, while bringing the best in new tech to life. For roulette fans there will be some similarities which will appeal.

The partnership between the two companies has produced a very entertaining live game. Expect to return time and again to this new live classic for our times. We predict that this will be a hit for Evolution and Hasbro.