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Wheel of Winners

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Best Casinos For Wheel of Winners

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Wheel of Winners is a Wheel of Fortune arranged like a roulette wheel. Instead of two colour (red and black), you have four plus a couple of bonus pockets.
It makes a change from roulette if you fancy trying someting different- test it out for free below.

The Best Casino For Wheel of Winners.

For Wheel of Winners, we’d recommend Ladbrokes Roulette, who have a £500 match bonus going on at the moment.


Did you used to love watching Wheel of Fortune on the telly? If you did, try this variant, which is one of the more quirky Microgaming roulette games. Wheel of Winners has 39 segments (instead of pockets), in a layout that will look familiar if you are a fan of roulette. The main difference is that there are 4 colours (red, yellow, pink and blue) instead of 2 and 2 bonus segments, each one triggering a separate bonus game. Oh, and there are 4 colums, not 3 with a payout of 4:1

The 39 segment wheel is the main play of the game, and the 2 bonus features are set in the centre of the wheel: they are highlighted when you trigger the feautures by landing on a bonus segment.
You can bet on colours, hi/lo, even/odd, columns and dozens, just like you can on a roulette wheel. the batting is pretty much the same (apart from having four colours)- so you can make single bets, split bets, corner bets etc.

Game Payouts

Payouts are as Follows:

Straight Up: 36:1
Split bet: 18:1
Street bet: 9:1
Square bet: 9:1
Line bet: 4.5:1

Column bet: 4:1
Colour bet: 4:1
Dozen bet: 3:1
Even-Money bet: 2:1

This isn’t a game that we’d play exclusively, but we have a flutter on it every now and then when we fancy a change. The house edge is higher on this than standard roulette, as there are 2 additional bonus pockets.