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Neighbours Bet (Neighbors)

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Best Casinos for the Neighbour's Bet

The Most Famous is Neighbours of Zero
Some variants let you pick different focus numbers and the no. of neighbours.

Play Neighbours Bet (Neighbors) at these Casinos

What is a Neighbours Bet?

A Neighbour’s Bet is a bet on multiple numbers on a roulette wheel that covers one number and series of adjacent numbers on the wheel.

The most famous “Neighbours” bet (or neighbors to use the American spelling which you will see quite often) is the “Voisins du Zero Bet” or “Neighbours of Zero” which is a nine chip bet that covers eight numbers each side of the zero- a bet on 17 numbers in total.

Premium variants will allow you to make roulette Neighbours Bets on any single number of your choice with straight up bets. You bet on a number and on neighbouring numbers either side of it (adjacent on the wheel, not the table).

Roulette 7 bet with 2 Neighbours on 3D Roulette

Some variants will place a fixed number of bets either side (normally 3), but the best premium variants, like Tom Horn Announced Bets Roulette, are flexible, and will allow you to choose from one to three numbers on each side, a bet on between 3 and 7 numbers. Some variants go even further.

Example of a “3 Neighbours of 19” Bet (Anounced Bets Roulette)

3 Neighbours of 19 Bet on Tom Horn Announced Bets. Play at Wombat Casino

How to Make a Neighbour’s Bet

Here’s how to make a Neighbour’s Bet on Announced Bets Roulette. Easy! Select the number of neighbours you want (between 1 and 3). Then select a chip size and make your bet on the racetrack betting zone (the oval showing Tiers du Cylindre, Voisins du Zero etc) rather than the standard betting table.

It should highlight your neighbouring bets as you move your cursor around the betting zone.

Hold and Cold Numbers

The Neighbors Bet is popular with people who chase hot and cold sectors of the wheel. The house advantage is the same as for all other European Roulette bets (2.6%). Your pay-out will be 35:1 on the number that comes in and your overall return (RIO) will depend how many neighbours you have bet.

This is also quite a neat way of mixing things up if you are playing even money bets (bet 8 Neighbours). It gives you slightly less coverage than say, a bet on red or black, as you are covering 17 numbers and not 18.

Players who like playing thirds with column bets and dozens can use a 5 neighbours bet (11 bet total, slightly less coverage) or a 6 neighbour’s bet (13 numbers in total, slightly more)- which can enable you to mix your play up if you are playing hot or cold sectors.

Remember the Gambler’s Fallacy though. Each spin of a roulette wheel is a mutually exclusive event and any one spin is not affected by previous spins. The wheel remembers no history.


Use to Make Up Even Money / Thirds Bets

If you like playing even money bets like red/black (if you are a Martingale player for example), try playing an 8 neighbours bet instead (17 numbers coverage, slightly less). This is a way of covering zones on the wheel rather than the table. Or play a 5 neighbour bet (11 numbers covered) if you like playing thirds like the columns or dozens bet.

Play at All British

The Best Casino and Variant for the Neighbours Bet?

You’ll need a premium variant for this- we would suggest Tom Horn Announced Bets Roulette at Monkey Casino, as these variants offer you the flexibility of choosing how many neighbouring bets you place.

Test them out when you sign up at one of our recommended casinos- just make sure you turn on the advanced betting mode.

Roulette Neighbours Bet: Pros and Cons

  • A quick way of covering many numbers on the wheel.
  • If you like to bet on hot and cold zones on the wheel, the Neighbours bet is the way to do it.
  • Good for covering zones in live roulette.
  • This bet is hinting that previous results affect future results. They don’t.
  • It’s not that common to see this bet option (apart from Voisins du Zero.)



  • If I make a Neighbour’s Bet, what does that mean?
    Roulette neighbours bets are placed on numbers that are next to each other on the wheel rather than the betting table. Because the numbers on both a European and an American roulette wheel do not run sequentially around the wheel, it is easier to find a variant that offers these bets as a feature rather than making the bet up manually. Pick your focus number and then select the number of neighbour that you would like to cover on the racetrack betting layout.
  • What is the most famous Neighbour’s Bet?
    That would be Voisins du Zero, or Neighbours of Zero. This is the bet you are most likely to see.
  • What is the point of the Neighbour’s Bet?
    If you have a favourite number, like 17, the Neighbour’s Bet gives you a way of reducing the volatility of the game when betting on single numbers. You bet on a zone of numbers with your target in the middle instead.


Neighbours Bet (Neighbors)
Numbers Covered
Between 3 and 17
House Edge European
House Edge American
Most Famous Neighbour Bet
Voisins du Zero
Play at
Advanced Variants (eg Announced Bets at Monkey Casino)
R17 Score
Medium to high