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Red Splits

Online Roulette Guide

Play Red Splits at these Casinos

Another “Racetrack”, or Call Bet you might see on some tables (for example on Playtech’s 3D Roulette) is the Red Splits Bet (not to be confused with the standard Split Bet).

red splits bet

The Red Splits bet involves making a series of Split bets, as the name suggests. It´s not a straight bet on the red, but just a selection, as follows:

Red Splits Bet – place your bets on 4 red splits: 9/12, 16/19, 18/21 and 27/30 (See table layout above)

The Best Casino and Variant for Red Splits?

red and black split dress

We haven’t seen this on all of the online roulette variants we have seen, but we have seen it on 3D Roulette, which coincidently is one of our top choices anyway.

We’d play this 3D Playtech variant at Paddy Power Casino or the roulette at bet365. You get a 5 pound no deposit offer at Paddy Power, so if we were pushed to choose one, we´d go Paddys.

Black Split bets, Red Split bets- if you are a roulette queen, make sure you are wearing your Lucky Red/Black Split Dress when you are putting down these bets!