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Orphelins – Orphans

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One of the Call Bets

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orphelins bet

What is the Orphelin’s Bet? Well, if you are playing online roulette with advanced betting options (Roulette Call Bets), then one of the options you might see is this bet (literally the “Orphans Bet”).

You might even have 2 orphan’s bets: one called Orphelin’s in Plein and one called Orphelins en Cheval. We are going to start with the Cheval version here, which is the most common and makes use of split bets (bets that straddle 2 numbers).

In this bet, you cover the 2 sectors of the wheel that are not covered by the Tiers Bet or the Voisins Bet. You cover 8 numbers with 5 chips (itself a lucky number) as follows in a mix of straight-up bets and split bets: 17,34,6 and 1,20,14,31,plus red 9.

5 chips (or multiples of 5 of course) are placed on the table as follows: 1 chip on 1 and 1 chip on each of the following splits: 6/9; 14/17; 17/20 and 31/34.

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Table Layout: Orphelins en Cheval Bet

orphelins en cheval roulette bet
“Orphelins en Cheval” Uses a mix of Split Bets and 1 Straight Up Bet (1) to cover the Orphans. This is the most common type of Orphelins.

Orphelins en Plein

This bet is similar, in that covers the same numbers, but you cover them with straight up bets instead, so 8 chips (instead of 5) on 1, 6, 9, red 14, 17, 20, 31 and 34.

Table Layout: Orphelins en Plein Bet

orphelins en plein roulette bet
“Orphelins en Plein” uses Straight Up Bets to cover the Orphans. You can make this manually if there is no auto option.

The Best Casino and Variant for The Orphelins Bet?

Roulette Pro is a good variant for the Orphelins Roulette Bet, or any French variant for that matter. We recommend the roulette at Monkey Casino for this variant. You can also play this on Premier Roulette.

Orphelins Tip

If you cannot find a variant with Orphelins en Plein, just make the bet with individual straight up numbers,

Try the Voisins du Zero Bet

Analysis of the Orphelins Bet (en Cheval using Splits)

As we explained above, this uses a mixture of Split Bets and One Straight Up Bet to cover the Orphans Roulette bet (1,6,9,14,17,20,31,34).

We are going to focus on the Orphelin en Cheval here, as that is the variant you are most likely to see online.

Let’s Assume you are using $10 chips.

Your bets would be as follows:

Split Bets: One $10 chip on 6-9, 14-17, 17-20, 31-34
Straight up: One $10 Chip on 1
Total Bet $50

The number 17 is covered by two different overlapping split bets. The table shows the overall return for a bet of $50 using $10 Chips. The probability of this bet winning is 8/37 or 1/4.625 or 21.62%.

Orphelins – Orphans
Pays $350, Minus $40 losing bets. $310 net profit
Pays $340, Minus $30 losing bets. $310 net profit
Pays $170, Minus $40 losing bets. $140 net profit
All other numbers
You lose your $50 bet. $50 net loss

The best result is 17 or 1, followed by the other numbers.

The Number 17 is a popular Single Number bet. Many players cover it this way if they want to cover more table.

FAQs Orphelins

  • Why are there 2 Types of Orphelin’s Bet?
    Confusing, isn’t it? Both types of bet cover the same numbers, but they do it in different ways. Orphelins en Cheval (orphans on horseback) cover the numbers with 4 spilt bets and a straight up bet on the number 1. Orphelins en plein covers all of the numbers with individual straight bets. The former is a cheaper way of covering the numbers for a given casino chip size. The latter pays out more (unless the number 1 hits, in which case they pay out the same).
  • Do all Casinos Offer the Orphelin’s Bet?
    No. Look for a casino that offers a racetrack betting option. The simpler the game, the less likely the casino is to offer it.