Orphelins - Orphans

orphelins betWhat is the Orphelin's Bet? Well, if you are playing online roulette with advanced betting options (roulette Call Bets), then one of the options you might see is this bet (literally the "Orphans Bet"). You might even have 2 orphan´s bets: one called Orphelin's in Plein and one called Orphelins en Cheval. We are going to start with the Cheval version here, which is the most common and makes use of split bets (bets that straddle 2 numbers).

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In this bet, you cover the 2 sectors of the wheel that are not covered by the Tiers Bet  or the Voisins Bet. You cover 8 numbers with 5 chips (itself a lucky number) as follows in a mix of straight-up bets and split bets: 17,34,6 and 1,20,14,31,plus red 9.

5 chips (or multiples of 5 of course) are placed on the table as follows: 1 chip on 1 and 1 chip on each of the following splits: 6/9; 14/17; 17/20 and 31/34.

Table Layout Showing the Orphelins en Cheval Betorphelins bet

Orphelins en Plein
This bet is similar, in that covers the same numbers, but you cover them with straight up bets instead, so 8 chips (instead of 5) on 1, 6, 9,  red 14, 17, 20, 31 and 34.

Table Layout Showing the Orphelins en Plein Betorphelins bet

The Best Casino and Variant for The Orphelins Bet?

Roulette Pro is a good variant for the Orphelins Bet, or any French Roulette variant. We recommend the roulette at Betfair for this variant. You can also play this on Premier Roulette.