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Premier Roulette

A powerful Microgaming variant with Call Bets, Customisation and Neighbours.

Best Online Casinos for Premier Roulette

Play Premier Roulette at our recommended casinos, or head over to Wombat Casino and play the free demo there.

This variant is based on standard European Roulette, but has Call bets, Neighbour Bets (from 1-8), a Bets Track and a Customisable Bet Layouts. This is a variant that suits high stakes players. The maximum bet on the outside even money bets is £800 (bear in mind the minimum is £400), and you can bet up to £100 on a single number (minimum bet is £50).

Premier Roulette. Demo Clip

The only other High Stakes roulette game that beats it is IGT’s Player’s Suite Roulette which accepts bets up to £3000 (depending on the casino) on the even money options (red/black etc), Premier Roulette’s sequel, Premier Roulette (Diamond Edition) which goes up to £1000 on the 1:1 outside bets and Net Ent’s High Roller Roulette.

Turbo Charged with Features

There are a ton of features on this roulette, such as Turbo Speed, Change Table Colour, Video Zoom (on/off) and you can customise your bet layouts. Play at any of the above casinos, such as Casino UK. This is one of the prettiest design in town, along with some of the Playtech variants like 3D Roulette Premium and the Net Ent. Roulette games.

Plus you can play all the exotic advanced call bets like Orphelins, Tiers and Voisins du Zero- they are all clearly dispalyed on the betting table. Just head into advance mode and click on CALL BETS to the right of the betting table.

Premier Roulette has a wide range of Call Bets (much wider than some of the Playtech Roulettes we have seen), so you’ll be able to play exotic bets like the Chip Bomb Bet and Finales en Plein.

Pros and Cons

  • Most Bets Covered
  • Generally has High Limits
  • Can be Complex for Beginners
  • Being replaced by newer variants (like Switch Studios Roulette).


Premier Roulette
Number of Zeros
Single Zero
La Partage
Call Bets
✅ incl. Red/Black Splits
Saved Bets
Neighbours Bets
✅ select no. of neighbours from 1-8
Other bets
007, Snake, Chip Bomb, Random 7