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Space Invaders Roulette

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Shoot the aliens for a chance at a 500x payoff.

Play Space Invaders Roulette at these Casinos

It’s time we spiced things up a bit with some alien invasions! Welcome to Inspire Gaming’s Space Invaders Roulette which supercharges a European roulette game with those famous invaders.

This is quite a fun spin on the game. Once you have placed your bets, a cannon will shoot up to five invaders sitting randomly on up to five numbers to reveal higher multiples (up to 250x your bet). If you have bet on that number and the ball drops in, you scoop the big payout.

That’s about the same pay off as Lightning Roulette, and just like that variant, it pays to make some straight-up bets on single numbers. If you like these bigger pay-outs you should also take a look at 9 Pots of Gold Roulette from Switch Studios, as that has a max pay-out of 500x your bet on the leprechaun lucky numbers.

In addition, the Space Invaders UFO may fly over. If that is hit by the cannon, all multiples are doubled.
So, multipliers initially can be awarded at the following levels: 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x and 250x. If the UFO is then hit they are doubled, taking the maximum payout to 500x on a single number.

What’s even better is that the classic Space Invaders sounds are all here too. It takes me back!

space invaders roulette from inspired gaming

Maximum, Minimum Bet Levels

The Minimum stake is 1.00. The Maximum is 10,000.00. This gives a Max win potential of 250,000.000 (this varies by casino).

Space Invaders Rouletteā„¢ is an officially licensed SPACE INVADERSā„¢ game and is available on mobile and online.

You place your bets on the main betting table or the neighbour bet table (race track)

Pay Table

BetMin BetMax BetOddsSpecial Odds
Single no.0.20200.0029/1499/1
Split no.0.20 400.0014/1249/1
Three nos.0.20 3000.0011/111/1
Four nos.0.20 800.006.5/1124/1
Six nos.0.20 6000.005/15/1
Dozens1.00 10000.00 2/12/1
Red/Black1.00 10000.00 EvensEvens
Even/Odd1.00 10000.00 EvensEvens
1-18/19-361.00 10000.00 EvensEvens

Pros and Cons

  • Win up to 500x your bet on a single number
  • A great variation to the game!
  • Payback on the single number, split and corner bets is reduced to pay for the increased multiples.

Space Invader’s Roulette RTP

The Return-to-Player on this game is 94.74% for all straight-up, split and corner bets. The RTP for street, line, dozen, red, black, odd, even, hi, lo bets is 97.3%.



  • How do you win the maximum 500x bet?
    You would need to make a single number bet that was subsequently hit by the cannon and boosted to the higher multiples. The ball would then need to land on this number after the spin.


Space Invaders Roulette
94.74 – 97.3%
Number of Zeros
Space Invaders
R17 Score
Main features
Win up to 500x on a single number
Neighbour Bets?
Feb 2022