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Mini Roulette

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The Best Casinos For Mini Roulette (Playtech)

Test out Mini Roulette, a Playtech roulette variant below.
Mini Roulette is a slimmed down version of the famous game- a miniature roulette layout, if you like. Instead of 36 numbers (18 black and 18 red) plus the zero pocket, Mini Roulette has 12 numbers (6 red, 6 black) plus the zero pocket. It’s quite cute! Give it a test below.

The maximum bet on the even payout bets (eg red/black) is £300. Table maximum is £3000 (£50 on a single number).

Mini Roulette might look be cute, but watch out- it does have a higher house edge- 7.6% versus 2.6% on standard European roulette– quite an increase. I wouldn’t spend all day here, but it can be fun for a flutter, particularly on single number bets. It’s more of a novelty game, like Wheel of Winners. If you can find a casino that gives you half of your bet back if the ball drops in the zero pocket (La Partage), that brings the odds up to a more reasonable level.

I would tend to put this roulette variant in the “gimmicky” box along with other games like IGT’s Double Bonus Spin Roulette, but they can be fun to play and certainly something different. Anyway, you can test them out for free here at that’s the whole point. Just bear in mind that the house edge is generally higher on these specialist roulette games.

This “cute” roulette variant only has 12 numbers instead of 36, so if you like making single number straight up bets you might be tempted to give it a whirl.

And that´s fine, but here´s the thing. Less numbers, means that the zero pocket takes up a bigger % of the wheel. So that basically means that the house edge is higher and the player´s odds are lower.

Mini Roulette Payouts

The payouts on Mini Roulette are somewhat different to normal roulette. That´s because there are less numbers on the wheel. If they paid out the standard 35:1 on a single number bet, we´d all be playing this game 24 hours a day!

mini roulette payout

Single Number Bet: 11:1
Split Bet: 5:1
Street/Three: 3:1
Corner/Square/Four: 2:1
Column Bet: 2:1
Half Dozen: 1:1
Red/Black, Even Odd: 1:1

Remember, if you win, you also get back your original bet, so if you bet 10 pounds on the number 3 and it came in, you would win 11 pounds plus you´d get your bet back. So you would get 12 pounds back.

Game Options

Click the Settings icon in the top right of the game, and you will bring up a list of options with which you can customise the game.


You can disable the warning messages, skip the intro video on each spin and so on, plus you can set the game on Turbo Mode. Click on the Audio Settings tab to switch the game, dealer voice and background sounds on and off. You can even pick your background music.

Mini Roulette is a fun variant that´s quick and easy to play- it reminds us of one of those side roulette games you often see on bingo sites and sports-books.

So, by all means play mini roulette from time to time’ after all, it is quite cute. But stick to standard European Roulette for serious sessions. The odds are far superior.