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101 Roulette

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More pockets, more bets and bigger pay-off. Expanded roulette.
Play 101 Roulette and bet on even more numbers.

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101 roulette

101 Roulette is a Playtech variant that looks and feels like roulette on steroids. This game is bigger in every way, with more pockets, more bets and bigger pay-out ratios. This game is even bigger than Mike Tyson roulette, although the latter probably has the edge on its Knock-out Bonus.

So, is bigger better? Let’s take a look.

Instead of having thirty-six numbers, 101 roulette has one hundred plus 5 green pockets: a zero, heart, diamond, spade and club.

There is a racetrack or oval instead of a wheel, which the ball tracks around. This is a fixed odds betting game that is based on roulette, only with more numbers and more bets!

Straight up bets pay out at 100:1.

There is also an Inspired Gaming variant called 100/1 Roulette which you can play at Fun Casino, but it is a different game to the Playtech version.

How do you Play 101 Roulette?

If you are familiar with roulette or other variants like Evolution’s Dream Catcher game, you’ll get the hang of this game pretty quickly. The big difference is the pay-outs on some of the bets which are higher given that there are more numbers, and additional bets like Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs – which are essentially zero pockets. There are five green pockets in this game- one zero and the rest playing card symbols.

So, 5/105 or 4.8% of the wheel is taken up with the green pockets, compared to 5.3% in American roulette and 2.6% in European roulette.

The maximum percentage return to player (RTP) you will get on this game is 96.19% which sits somewhere between European and American variants.

You pay a bit extra for the ability to place bets that pay out at 100:1, in other words.

It will depend on the bets that you make, however. The even money bets like red and black will give you the best RTP.

Bets and Pay-Outs

Straight Up 1 Number
(including 0, ♣, ♦, ♥, ♠)
Split Bet – 2 numbers
(Can include 0, ♣, ♦, ♥, ♠)
Zero Street
Bet on 0, ♣, ♦, ♥, ♠
Street Bet – 10 number9:1
Zero Corner
eg 0,1,2, ♠,3,4 etc
Corner Bet – 4 numbers24:1
Zero Line
eg 0 + column, ♥ + column
Line Bet – 20 numbers4:1
Column Bet – 10 numbers9:1
Red, Black, Even, Odd1:1
Bets on 101 Roulette

Lucky Numbers and Quick Bets

There is a feature on this game called LUCKY NUMBERS and QUICK BETS mode which you can switch on and off. There are two switch buttons to the left of the game.

In LUCKY NUMBERS mode, bets are automatically placed on all numbers at the borders and corners of a chosen number. In QUICK BETS mode bets are automatically placed on all the numbers in the same row as a chosen number and in the same column as the chosen number.

If you click and hold a number even when QUICK BETS mode is off, you will be able to make these kinds of bets. This is good for number swamping strategies (a bit like a Complete Bet in roulette).

Double Up Bets and Auto-Play

101 roulette game

If you are familiar with Playtech roulette games, then it will come as no surprise that this game comes with Double Bet options (for the Martingale players) and plenty of Auto-Play functionality. Just click and hole the spin button to get these options.

You can Auto-Play up to 99 spins (not in all jurisdictions). You can play 101 at Mansion Casino which takes Bitcoin roulette bets as well as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and Credit Cards.

Also in the settings, you can customise the game a bit by turning on Turbo Spins, turning off the music and disabling the wheel auto zoom- again all pretty standard for a modern Playtech game.

Pros and Cons

  • 100:1 payout on the single number bets
  • Lucky Numbers and Quick Bets mode is good for a flutter
  • The RTP on 101 roulette is 96.19%. That’s better than American but worse than European variants.


101 Roulette makes an interesting change from a standard wheel. With more numbers comes higher volatility on the Inside bets so plan your betting profile accordingly- expect to win less frequently, but with higher amounts if you are playing these inside bets.

Just remember that the house edge sits in between European Roulette and American Roulette. You pay a bit extra “casino tax” for those extra numbers.


101 Roulette
Number of Zeros
Special bets
4 card suites ♣, ♦, ♥, ♠
Single number payout
Main features
105 numbers instead of 37
Turbo Mode
R17 Score