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Dream Catcher Live Wheel

A colourful “Wheel of Fortune” or Big Six type game from Evolution Live Gaming.

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Dream Catcher Live is a colourful addition to Evolution Gaming’s selection of games with a live money wheel, similar to roulette or a Wheel of Fortune, with a live host direct from the Dream Catcher studio.

Evolution’s Dream Catcher game is pure entertainment- anyone can play it!

We have seen some clean and simple games to play (Gamevy roulette springs to mind), but Dream Catcher is as about as uncomplicated as it gets.

Dream Catcher

Now we like a simple game here with a twist (which is one of the reason’s I enjoy Dolphin’s Roulette), and this was a straightforward game with a lively hostess adding to the ambience.

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Look and Feel

Let’s take a closer look.

Your screen is split into two halves. The upper part is the technicolour world of the Dream Catcher Live Studio developed looking similar to the Lightning Roulette studio, another top Evolution Game. Big, bright and brash!

A big brightly coloured wheel of fortune takes centre stage. The wheel is divided into different coloured slices according to each of the numbers, designed to make it easy to see and read. The studio is darkened with atmospheric beads of lights and the whole set up looks pretty slick.

The Dream Catcher wheel features 54 sections.

You can bet on 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40.

– Number 1 pays 1x (evens)
– Number 2 pays 2x
– Number 5 pays 5x
– Number 10 pays 10x
– Number 20 pays 20x
– Number 40 pays 40x

There is also a section for the 2x multiplier and a 7x multiplier

The lower half of the screen is where you place your chips, on a virtual table. On the left hand side there’s a link to live chat so that you can say “hello” to the host or hostess during play. In the centre is the play table topand on the right are the numbers of the wheel which light up as the numbers come up in the game.

House Edge on Dream Catcher

House Edge

Dream Catcher Tips

Which is the Best Number to Bet on in Dream Catcher Live

As you can see from the house edge list above, your best bet is on the number 10 which will give you odds somewhere between European and American Roulette. The number 1 and number 2 also have acceptable odds (better than Ameican Roulette. We would avoid betting on the number 5, the number 20 and the number 40, although if the 40 hits after a 7x multiple hit, you will achieve the biggest pay off.

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Dream Catcher Game Play

So how does this game work? I played on a laptop but this game is available on different devices, if you fancy a flutter on the move.

Dream Catcher builds the atmosphere during the game well. It’s fun and immersive with lots of different camera angles and close ups.

Guess what number the wheel will land on and place your bet before the wheel is spun. It’s a s simple as that.

Decide how much you want to bet and then place your chips on a number or selection of numbers. The odds for each bet are the same as the number you bet on; for example if you bet that 20 will be the number the wheel lands on then you will get the odds of 20-1.

The player gets an on-screen prompt to say that betting is open and is closing to allow you to place your stakes before the hostess spins the wheel.

What you’re looking out for are multipliers on the wheel. There are two to keep your eyes open for; one provides a x2 multiplier, the other has a x7 multiplier.

If the multiplier comes up, then your bets stand and no new additional bets are allowed while the wheel is spun again.

Depending on what number the wheel stops on, that is the winning wager, , only this time the multiplier from the previous spin is applied. If the host lands another multiplier, this process can be repeated.


The Dream Catcher Game is an entertaining play. Sure, it’s pretty basic, but that is part of the appeal, and the lively hostesses are good value. This will appeal to players who enjoy a flutter on the slots. The house edge is more similar to slots that it is to roulette.

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