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Dual Play Roulette

Online Roulette Guide

Play Dual live from Evolution Gaming. You play online on a wheel at a land-based casinos

Best Casinos for Dual Play

If you like to try and spin your way to some serious dosh while putting your feet up a home, then the buzzy atmosphere of Dual Play Roulette, live from central London’s popular Grosvenor’s Victoria Casino, might be the ticket for you!

Dual Play Roulette Evolution Gaming

This brand spanking new offering from Evolution Gaming- those live casino gurus behind games like Lightning Roulette Live, Immersive and Dream Catcher.

Dual Play is the latest in giving the roulette player the excitement of playing live roulette at a land-based casino with all the ease of doing this online wherever it suits you best.

It’s this marriage between the online and the land-based casino experience that gives this cracker of a game its name, Dual Play Roulette.

Roulette fans can get online and join other players live from the Victoria, or Vic as its affectionately known, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can join a game whenever you feel the urge- now that’s what I call access all areas!

Play Dual Play

Thanks to those tech-heads at Evolution Gaming, Dual Play Roulette has been designed with people like you and me in mind. It’s got great camera angles as part of all the action at the wheel, while sharing the vibe from the casino floor in London.

Dual Play Roulette provides a really good visual experience with close up shots of the wheel as the ball’s in play. There is also an overhead camera so that you can see bets being placed- this really adds to you feeling the tension and excitement, putting you at the centre of the action. This game is exclusive to Grosvenor.

And it’s not just the visual that you can get into, there is also the ambient soundtrack of play from the casino too, to make for a fully immersive live casino experience, let’s hope you like what they’re saying- sometimes this can be annoying but you can also choose to turn the audio off!

Slick Tools

This is one of those games that is easy to use and the interface is very slick and easy to navigate. The screen is split into the live game at the top and the lower part of the screen is where you have your own table top in the centre to place bets.

The tech side of the game serves up a set of detailed statistics that take this roulette spin to a new level. On the right you can check out the statistics so that you can see which numbers are hot or not! The wheel’s history is easy to see with information from the last 500 spins on offer. You can also place your bets on the racetrack or stats wheel if you fancy it.

The bonus of playing Dual Play Roulette is that you get the thrill of the casino floor combined with all the insight that the best in tech can offer. If like me, you’re a roulette player who likes have a strategy rather than the spontaneity of picking your numbers by instinct, then Dual Play Roulette is a good place to play.
If you’re a player who likes a quicker roulette experience you might struggle with this game which takes as long as it takes the players in London to lay their bets- there are other games out there for those bods who like to play a speedier and more up tempo game.

Grosvenor at Victoria

But what if you’re happy to dust off your walking shoes and visit the Victoria Grosvenor Casino, what’s this spot like for a flutter? Well the first thing to note is that with Dual Play Roulette you can choose to play at the table there, or go to the bar and have a drink and join the game from your mobile phone- talk about easy!

The Vic has a reputation as a fun and bustling place to gamble. This casino is over two floors and it’s the second floor that makes its name with a whole world of Poker including Super Stud and Three Card Poker. If poker’s your game then you’ll probably already have this place on your radar.

There are 3 roulette tables and 32 electronic roulette games up for grabs so you should be spoilt for choice if you’re a roulette fan like me. But there is more, as you’d expect, including Blackjack, Punto Banco and dice games.

There is a reasonably priced restaurant here as well as a bar and coffee shop. For those of you who fancy a break from making a killing on the roulette wheel, there are also a couple of smoking terraces.

Here you will encounter friendly and professional staff who must be part of what makes this such a popular spot. As casinos go, this is a smart casino but it doesn’t have an elite feel which can intimidate some gamblers, this is somewhere a novice can come and get a tutorial and have a go at getting into a real roulette game, just as much as an experienced player.

It is worth noting that the roulette wheels can be busy later on in the evening but it’s fine as long as you’re prepared to wait or add to the melèe.

The Vic on London’s Edgeware Road, makes for a welcoming spot for a spin, just beware the busy roulette wheels.