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Authentic Platinum Roulette

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Authentic Platinum Roulette

If you like tasting the thrill of top notch live roulette without the hassle of leaving your computer, or simply playing on the move then you probably already know the games put together by Authentic Gaming. Try them over at Betfair Casino which has one of the widest range of live roulette games we have come across.

There’s a new addition to their stable of games, but can Platinum Roulette live up to its high-gloss name? I got online to find out whether this roulette game was the real deal, or just a flash in the pan…..

Platinum Roulette is an attempt at getting you all worked up with the roulette spin coming live from two land-based casinos, Platinum Casino-a smart modern casino at the Radisson BLU Hotel, and Casino Bucharest Intercontinental Hotel in Romania- this last casino was the capital’s very first!

The Platinum Casino features a 24-hour table, while Casino Bucharest is available during peak hours.

Play Platinum Roulette Online at Betfair HERE

Here you join the casinos online and find yourself competing with Romanian and international players to try and bring home some bacon. This is a dealer game as opposed to an automatic wheel like Live Auto Roulette La Partage (our favourite speed game by the way).

Thanks to the joy of tech you can get into the ambience of live play as there is not only the visual action, there are plenty of HD cameras- but you can also hear what’s going on at the wheel in real time.

Platinum Casino

The top half of the screen is the live feed from Romania, this is 24 hour, so you can join the roulette games whenever you fancy a flutter. Here you can easily see the wheel, croupier and other players placing bets- wow- you even get a view of some funky casino décor (and ambient noise), like it or not! This is a similar idea to Evolution’s Dual Play roulette where you play at a real landbased casino, but you do it over the web.

The lower portion of the screen is your virtual table top which is pretty intuitive to use. Here you can place your bets with the click of a mouse. There’s a wheel of chips on the right which allows you to easily pick the value you want to play and here too you can see your winnings. On the left hand side are all the vital stats to make sure you’re clued up which numbers are hot – or not! This is the upside of live online roulette play. Those lovely designers at Authentic Gaming appear to have nailed it!

You are prompted on screen to get your bets down and to stop placing bets before the ball goes into action, if you win then you’re winnings flash up on screen- it’s made super easy to play.
The way that the table top looks and is used is straight forward and easy to navigate, even for a less experienced roulette player. This simplicity is vital given that you need to be able to see clearly, especially when you’re playing on a mobile device!

I like the concept of joining the action from the land-based casino in theory, but personally I felt that this didn’t really add much interest to my roulette play. Perhaps the time that I played was part of the problem, (it was mid-afternoon) but I just didn’t feel like the local atmosphere added much for me but we all like to play in different ways.


As I’d expected, the player interface was well-designed and a pleasure to use, but for me I just felt there wasn’t that much atmosphere added by the live link.